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The 11th Annual Visual FoxPro DevCon will prepare you for the next version of Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio. Choose from more than 50 breakout sessions on the latest and hottest technologies: Visual FoxPro 7.0, Web Development, XML, COM, Microsoft Windows DNA, Object Oriented Programming and more. To understand where Visual FoxPro is today, and where it's going in version 7.0 and beyond you need to join us for the 11th annual Visual FoxPro DevCon, at the Fontainblow Hilton Resort & Towers in Miami Beach, Florida, September 24-28. For complete details, including a list of conference sessions and registration information check or call 800-336-6060 or

Note: No mention in the above advertisement of the Devcon 11 DotNet Hijacking. The latter part of this DevCon was a complete con job, making this possibly the WorstDevconEver.
For news from Sunday night's keynote, see DevCon 11 Sunday Keynote
DevCon 11 was not about Visual FoxPro. See Devcon 11 DotNet Hijacking. I'm sorry but this DevCon was certainly the worst ever. No question. What a shame. What do VFP developers care about .NET, a technology that is two years away, completely theoretical, and completely not-VFP related. Over twenty session slots were wasted on this, with NO alternative sessions to attend.
For anyone who's interested in a printable list of all the sessions at this devcon, I've prepared a capture from the Advisor website showing all sessions in order (with a detailed description of each) ready to print on only 11 pages. Lines seperate time periods, to help select which ones to go to! It's at: -- wgcs
This conference sucked. The MS folks and speakers did a great job, but the hotel itself was an overpriced dive. Simple things like coffee were only available for brief periods between sessions. The DevCon T-shirt is an embarrassment. This was DevCon on the cheap, folks.
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