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Looks like .NET is adding some query/set language extensions to the core .NET langagues.

Anders Hejlsberg is finally getting around to dealing with the "impedance mismatch" between OO languages and relational databases (to some degree, anyway).

Microsoft is introducing C# and VB.Net language extensions for querying data (LINQ: Language Integrated Query), with specific API sets for querying relational data (DLinq) and hierarchical data (XLinq). There doesn't seem to be much specific info available on the web, besides this Channel9 video of Anders Hejlsberg (the creator of C#). ("makes query and set operations, like SQL statements first class citizens in .NET languages like C# and VB"). Its interesting that some people are saying that it looks like FoxPro... :-) There's also a good blog entry here with some decent examples. (apparently, "var" is a C# 3.0 keyword that tells the compiler that you want the type to be inferred by how the variable is used)

Here are some more videos that have LINQ related stuff in them:
Paul Vick and Amanda Silver discuss the future of VB.

Paul Vick and Erik Meijer discuss dynamic programming.

The VB Language Blog with samples in VB

Also, two web sites with information:

VB Future Versions

The LINQ Project

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