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Doug Dodge

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Doug Dodge defies description.
Dunno about that - I've heard "a potato with glasses!"
Has also been called "a bible-thumping maniac".

< g > I also don't like to take myself too seriously as I have found that it clouds one's judgement.

My goal in life is to love God with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength. I want to influence others to do the same as everything else in life will someday vanish away. Fame, wealth, FoxPro community standing and status based upon my contributions, knowledge, wisdom health, family and all other things will fade. I want to gain that which will truly last.

What about you? What is your life all about anyway?
Actually, Doug, what most people probably need when they invoke this page is your email address :-)-- Steven Black

Steve.. Thanks and right you are!!!

It wouldn't be right to fill up the Wikis with a general non-VFP series of topics. Thanks for the reminder so please everyone, do not fill the Wikis up with questions more appropriate for a private conversations. We need to respect 'the house rules'.

Thanks again Steve!

Well, there are no house rules here. I was just pointing out that without an email address to contact you with, what's the point?-- Steven Black

Oh.. ok.. I have always kind of figured that if someone really wanted to contact me they could easily find out... *shrug*

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