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Dragan Nedeljkovich

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Doing all sorts of programming since 1983, started messing with Fox in 1989 (mFoxPlus, if anyone remembers that one) and stayed with it into the next century.

Presently doing business as an independent consultant, and as a telecommunist since 2002. Speak Fox, Serbian (et al), WWWC, English, TSQL, Hungarian, Russian, MySQL, Java Script, jQuery. Available pretty much anytime: - but not much, still busy all day doing Fox.

To those who followed my flag change on UT but don't remember exactly which was when: up to 1999, FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), 1999-2010 USA, 2010 and on - Republic of Serbia.

Website is not programming related at all, unless we count assorted programming jokes, and that it's almost entirely written in Fox (not dynamic, though, just generated text and automated FTP). The old blog called "A Yugo from the US: back in Serbia" was removed when the google changed rules one time too many.

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