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Drew Speedie Tragedy

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I am having a very hard time believing this. This is just way beyond my comprehension that Drew could do that to Brent, then jump himself. Words can not express ....Mark McCasland

Nobody that knew them both can believe it. I think it was a way for them to close the case. It might certainly have insurance implications for Irene and it is, from my point of view, a disgusting implication. I still believe it was some kind of accident. Unfortunately we will never know exactly what happened. -- Alex Feldstein

I can't and won't believe it. -- Mike Yearwood

Drew was a successful software engineer, with every reason to live, and loved his son. Investigator Brian Smith made an illogical deduction. If he admits he does not know what happened, then he should not call Drew a murderer. There was no motive for murder. That adds insult to injury. From the photo of Drew's son Brent sitting on the railing, it more probable that his son slipped and fell, perhaps caught by a sudden gust of wind. All who know Drew know he is the type of man who would jump after Brent in desperation to try to put his body under Brent's to shield his fall. Or he thought jumping to the moist ground to help Brent would not be fatal. Unless there is evidence for murder, the case should be reclassified as Accident-Suicide. -- Rick Shaddock

2007.01.12 2005 deaths of man, son in Yellowstone ruled murder-suicide

On Friday, September 16, 2005, Drew Speedie and his son, Brent, fell a few hundred feet to their deaths from a bridge in Yellowstone Park. The Speedie family was on vacation there. Details of this tragedy are extremely limited at this time.

Drew was a friend and a valued member of the Visionpace team. He was the architect and primary developer of the Visual Maxframe Professional VFP framework and a frequent speaker at Fox conferences in North America and Europe and was often accompanied by Brent and his wife, Irene.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Russ Swall ( or by phone, 816-350-7900 or 888-904-7900.

Drew Speedie memorial site

I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of grief and offers of assistance. We are building a Drew and Brent Speedie Memorial site. It will have a link to a page where those who wish can contribute to a memorial fund. I will post the link as soon as it goes live.

Cards and letters for Irene should be sent to
Irene Speedie
c/o Visionpace
17501 E Hwy 40 Ste 218
Independence, MO 64055

Russ Swall

Links to the story and subsequent investigation

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Update 2007.01.12
2005 deaths of man, son in Yellowstone ruled murder-suicide

Update 2006.03.11

Update (2006.01.17):

Update 2005.11.07

Arizona newspaper report (requires free registration)

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