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Duffy Weber

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Duffy Weber

Owner and Chief Programmer at Weber Consulting []. Has worked with FoxPro for years and made the switch to Visual FoxPro 6 back in 1999.

Dealing in programming, network engineering, design and implementation, LAN, WAN, (hubs, SQL, Oracle, and all things network), Weber Consulting is a relatively small technology firm in Lumberton, NC with most of the clients being in the commercial, industrial, public, or medical sector.

Duffy himself has 17 years of programming experience (9 years of it practical), and the ever-improving staff of engineers, interns and others brings a set of unique skills that continue to improve Weber Consutling every year.

Enjoys Jimmy Buffett music and clients that don't store magnets in their server room.

Fluent (yet REALLY rusty) in Spanish.
Tambien hablo Espaol (pero no perfecto)

(Special thinks to Alex Feldstein for the charset info for the wiki. Non-standard characters seem to mutate after you save them; heheh.)
News! We've just relocated Weber Consulting to Cincinnati ( ), and there doesn't seem to be a users group here! If anyone knows any different, let us know at FoxPro AT Duffy Weber DOT com (anti-spam address)

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