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Duplicaterecordsin VCX

Namespace: VB

I have discovered that most, if not all, of my VCX libraries contain duplicate records.
Not sure how that happened, but I need to get rid of them.
I have one rather extensive form that has one record (Same 'UniqueId') 25 times!
Discovered the problem while using Go Fish. It shows the code to be the same for all.

Tried deleting all but latest timestamp but couldn't reload the was deemed corrupt.
I can open, edit, and run the form so VFP 9 is happy.
Does anyone know how VFP loads the VCX data? Perhaps the last, highest RecNO(), entry?
Does anyone know of a 'cleanup' utility that will delete these records? I've tried using Schummer's HackCX, but it isn't programmed to remove dup records.

Try COMPILE CLASSLIB MyVCX immediately after editing the vcx structure -- Steven Black
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