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Dynamic Form Builder

Namespace: VB
Many users want to customize their data for their needs. When they have data form, they often want to enter some additional information for certain records.

Dynamic Form Builder (DFB) is a set of classes and forms that allow users to customize layout of the custom form (container), save it and edit it, bind controls in the layout to data with possible creating of the new data tables in database or altering tables when dynamic form layout changed. The application can use custom layouts to edit data in the user-created tables.

Note: This is already implemented in one VFP application using generic approach with quite complex functionality and works very well in production.

-- Vlad Grynchyshyn

Contributors: Vlad Grynchyshyn
Here is another Dynmaic Forms project that dynamically generates view/edit forms in FoxPro code from a "markup syntax" similar to HTML and XAML.

The project is hosted on VFPX:

(2012-09-05 by Matt Slay)

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