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As of January 2008, Ed has returned to the ranks of the employed, and has been hired as a Senior Python Developer for Rackspace Hosting ( ).
Ed was one of the original team of developers who started Open Stack, the open platform for cloud computing co-founded by Rackspace and NASA. He now develops and maintains the Python SDK for the Rackspace Cloud.
Ed is was an independent consultant, specializing in VFP application design and coding. He is also fluent in many web development systems, such as Python, Dabo, Zope, PHP and Web Objects.
He is one of the primary developers of Dabo, the cross-platform, 3-tier database application development framework written in Python but inspired by Visual FoxPro.
He hosts the Pro Fox email list, which is the premier email-based support tool for FoxPro and Visual FoxPro. Due to the increasing interest among VFP developers in Linux, a new list, called Pro Linux, was launched at the end of 2002. The ProPython list followed shortly thereafter. All these lists are available for free subscription at
For his contributions to the Visual FoxPro community, he has been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional every year since 1994. However, despite his continued support of the community, he was dropped as an MVP as of October 2004.
He was co-editor, along with the late Ceil Silver, of the Advisor Tips column for FoxPro Advisor magazine for three years, beginning with the April 2000 issue.
Ed is also a long-time Macintosh user, and was probably the most disappointed person when Microsoft failed to release a usable VFP Mac program. He currently uses Mac OS X for 90% of his work. He did all his Visual FoxPro development work from his Mac, using Remote Desktop Client to connect to a Windows 2000 Terminal Server, but to be honest, hasn't launched VFP since 2009.
Contact Information:

email: ed at leafe dot com
twitter: @EdLeafe
G+: +EdLeafe

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