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Ed Rauh

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Ed passed away on December 21, 2002.

Excerpt from a message from Ed's sister, Kate:

There were also some of you who wrote and wanted to know what you could do to remember Ed.

Well, he was a very private person so mostly I think you can just hold the memories close and look to his advice, postings and answers to FAQs as a way of remembering how helpful, giving and intelligent he was.

If anyone really wants to do something else we have asked friends to make contributions in his memory to the American Heart Association.

He did a great job on
We will miss you Mr. Rauh.


Ed worked at eSolutionsServices, a now defunct company.

eSolServ was a joint venture between Ed, John Koziol, and Craig Berntson. We all were too busy in out private affairs to make a go of it in the short term. He never really "worked" there. -- John Koziol

Just a frustrated systems programmer working far too much in VFP...

AKA Steadman
May 30, 2007. Interestingly, Ed keeps receiving messages from VFP developers using his solutions:,15,1229449
Ed, thanks for the code example here, still helping folks with your info...

We found out recently that the older versions based on a windows handle no longer operate properly under Vista if the application is minimized during use. The handle does not appear to be released when the app is closed.

Your sample listed here appears to work perfectly!

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