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Edit On The Fly

Namespace: VB

Edit on the fly occurs when a form used as a picklist permits editing the entries in the picklist.

For example, on an invoice form there might be a customer picklist. A user who is entering an invoice, selects a customer and finds the customer name is misspelled. In many cases, I've seen the user have to cancel the invoice, launch a customer maintenance form, correct the customer record and recreate the invoice.

If the picklist of customers was doing double duty as the data entry form for customers, it would be possible to correct the entry on the fly. I'd also be ok with a button that launched the customer form from the picklist.
I like the idea of using the maintenance screen for both maintenance (duh) and locating an ID for a lookup. If you need to disable the edit features of the maintenance, you can use security or whatever for that. But give the user the same UI for locating records. - CFK
Contributors: Mike Yearwood
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