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Greetings: The January El Zorro meeting will not be on our scheduled night which would be tonight. Instead it will be FRIDAY NIGHT! This is because we have one incredible event! Marcia Akins and Andy Kramek! These are two of my favorite speakers. If you have not had a chance to attend a conference, this is your chance to see and hear sessions that would be presented at conferences around the world and including DevCon.

Here is what they will be presenting:

It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time (Marcia)

How often have you written a block of code, tested it, and had no errors, but did not get the result that you expected? Every programming language has its idiosyncrasies and Visual FoxPro is no exception. Understanding the peculiarities and limitations of the language can help you avoid these pitfalls. In this session Marcia shows many examples of code that should, at first sight, work perfectly well but actually fails to do what is expected. Fortunately for us there is always more than one way to skin a Fox, and Marcia explains why the obvious solution fails and presents working alternatives.

Designing and Working with Classes in Visual FoxPro (Andy)

Object Orientation is supposed to benefit developers by allowing us to create re-usable code. However, the reality is that in the real world it is very difficult to find the time required to do the sort of detailed analysis that is prescribed by all the design textbooks. In this session Andy outlines some simple rules for creating classes that, when followed, will help you to improve your own class design and enable you to create more flexible and more widely re-usable code. He also discusses why and when you should be making use of Delegation, Aggregation and Composition and illustrates how to use these techniques in your daily work.

So come and enjoy the presentations and pizza.

See you there!

El Zorro for directions or reply to ask questions.

El Zorro means "the Fox" (don'tcha know). It's also related to the topic Phoenix Fox User Group and the group is one in the same.
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