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Fair Frame 1.5
VFPFrame was a shareware object oriented application Frame Work for developers using Visual FoxPro. It was developed by Maurice De Beijer and has since been sold to another Dutch company called Fair Tree? who renamed it to Fair Frame.
Another Frame Work?
What�s different about this one?
To be honest, we think a lot but we invite you to come and look for yourself.

How did Fair Frame come about?
We purchased VFP-Frame from Maurice de Beijer 1998 because we believe it to be a very good product. With the current version of Fair Frame we're even more proud of being associated with the product. When we bought the product we decided to rename the product from VFP-Frame into Fair Frame.

We're dedicated to making it an even better product than it already is. We think so far the added functionality gives a good indication of what is possible and yet to come. Yes indeed, we're in the final testing phase for a 2.0 version. This next released is scheduled for end summer or fall of 1999.

Most of the planned improvements will be focused on ease of use. We are also planning to release a professional version, but this will not happen in the near future. We will however stay true to the shareware concept, and we will continue to provide a shareware version.

We hope you will find this version of Fair Frame as useful as we found .

If you�re interested in downloading a version from our Website at, look in the Fairshop.

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May be out of business:
Apparently not, I received this just a few days ago -- Steven Black

Diana Mulder
From: "Diana Mulder"
Subject: Internetinformation
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 16:33:24 +0100

Dear Sirs,

Today we found out that when we are looking for a site with the name
FAIRTREE - Amersfoort, we find your site with the following text:

Fairtree was a IT company located in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.
Its main focus is several of the Microsoft Products:
- Visual Foxpro
- Visual Basic
- SQL Server
- Windows NT
- Exchange

And several other products by third parties :
- Great Plains
- Account View?
- Business Base

You can contact us at :
or visit our website at :

Unfortunately Fair Tree has gone bankrupt.

To avoid negative reactions, we request you to change the
information on your site about our company. Especcially the sentence
that we are bankrupt. This concerns Fairtree B.V. and we, as the
firm Fairtree, are not happy with this information. We are very busy
to activate a Fairtree-site with the mentioned links, but that will
take a few weeks.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Kind regards,

Diana Mulder
T +31 33 4558766
F +31 33 4552673
M +31 6 52576307

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