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This is the first wiki topic created and edited on a PDA. -- Evan Delay
Testing from an iPaq w/802.11b connection. Works well enough :) -- Alex Feldstein
Fox website Screen Shots
Fast and easy to navigate. Search textbox does not wrap well. Can use, but frames present a challenge. Turning off graphic buttons, member photos and flags works better. Requested frameless version from Michel. Access board via
Rick added new, reply and list links on June 7, 2001. Now works perfectly
Time to PDA-ify: 0 seconds Time to PDA-ify: TBD Time to PDA-ify: 20 seconds

FoxWiki iPaq Discussion
- Any suggestions to make it easier and faster? I was thinking of using Browser Hawk to dish custom ultra lightweight pages to PDAs...-- Steven Black
- Why use Browser Hawk? You should be able to do it with the server variables you get from the PDA, the same URL to my site serves both HTML and WML content depending on the detected user. BTW, I can view the Wiki on my phone through google's proxy, not too shabby. -- Mike Helland
- At this point, I'd say there is nothing that needs to be changed. It is the most PDA friendly website due to the minimal graphics and lack of frames. -- Evan Delay
Hey Steve, why not set Wiki up as an Avantgo site? Allow PDA users to choose whether they want Recent changes or a particular category. It isn't hard according to one of my chaps, there are just some page tags to make it all work. -- John Ryan

VFUG on an iPaq
- after signing in the screen freezes, not sure what the problem is

-- Evan Delay
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