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Premier consulting, training, and development company located in Hackensack, New Jersey. Flash has expertise in Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, SQLServer, XML and BusinessProcessReengineering

News flash: Flash Creative acquired by Go AmericaOffsite link to

An Open Letter to the Friends of Flash:

You may have heard or read about Flash’s acquisition by a company called Go AmericaOffsite link to You can read the press release here.

In brief, Go AmericaOffsite link to is a publicly traded company that provides corporate customers and mobile professionals with wireless access to mission-critical data (email, intranet, internet, extranet). GoAmerica’s Go.Web technology intelligently compresses and encrypts data while optimizing it for viewing on a variety of devices such as two-way pagers, hand-held devices, notebook computers, etc.

The professionals at Flash will be adding professional services to the suite of wireless offerings for corporate customers, as well as assisting in the growth of the back office capabilities of Go AmericaOffsite link to Additionally, David Blumenthal and I will be assuming the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer, respectively.

These events may lead you to ask what will happen to COMCodebook and will the folks at Flash continue to play an active role in the development communities?

In short, nothing will change. We are planning to use COMCodebook as a core technology within Go AmericaOffsite link to and for its clients. We intend to keep it in the public domain as before and will continue to update it. Like Flash, Go AmericaOffsite link to emphasizes active involvement in the community as part of its corporate culture. You can continue to expect to see us at developer conferences, writing articles in magazines and providing assistance through web sites.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to email me directly at We’re looking forward to continuing our friendships and relationships with all of you and adding the power of wireless capabilities to all that we do.

Yair Alan Griver (yag)

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People: David Blumenthal, YAlan Griver, LiorHod, Rick Hodder, EricZimmerman, JoeLax, Drew Georgopulos, Kamal Patel, TonyStewart, Ct Blankenship, JayeshPatel, Beth Massi, JennyBrown, and Michael GEmmons, Bryan CaplovitzOffsite link to

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