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Fletcher Johnson

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Fletcher has been playing with computers since before 1980. He started with xBase back with dBase II on a CPM machine using 8" disks. Ah yes, the days where you had to assemble your OS before you could use the computers.....

Most of the work he does is for fun - he just gets paid for it. So while he seems to have lots of work, he actually has lots of fun in the name of work. Heck, why not get paid to have fun if there is someone out there who will pay you.....

He used to teach VFP classes for Application Developers Training Company (AppDev) and may do so again - once he has some more time. All that said, he is still open to new opportunities - full time or contract.

He has been very active with user groups 1984, currently runs the Silicon Valley C# User Group ( co-founded the Silicon Valley Code Camp ( and still makes a number of presentations for user groups in the area. He has spoken at various MS events such as VFP Devcons, MS Dev Days, etc.

When he is not programming, he has a bunch of hobbies including white water rafting (, gardening, cycling, cooking, etc.

He currently lives in Redwood City, CA (just south of San Francisco.)

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