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Namespace: VB
FoxBarcode is a 100% Visual FoxPro class that provides a tool for generating images with different bar code symbologies to be used in VFP forms and reports, or exported to other applications. Its use and distribution is free for all Visual FoxPro Community.
FoxBarcode is now part of VFPx Project:

FoxBarcodeQR too is part of VFPx Project:

Now FoxBarcode supports QR Code with its supplement FoxBarcodeQR.

Download the latest releases of FoxBarcode by clicking here and FoxBarcodeQR by clicking here

What's New?

v.1.17 - (both) - Release 2016.12.21

FoxBarcodeQR v.1.00 - Release 2013.02.16
v.0.15 - Released 2011.06.05
v.0.14 - Released 2011.02.19
v.0.13 - Release 2011.01.04
v.0.12 - Released 2010.11.29
v.0.11 - Released 2010.11.22
v.0.10 - Released 2010.11.19
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Spanish Site / Sitio en espa˝ol:

French site / Site franšais:

Contributor Luis Maria Guayan

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