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From Rick Strahl's DevCon 98 notes:

One of the tools available to build Web applications with Visual FoxPro is Fox ISAPI. It ships with Visual FoxPro and is provided as a 'server' example that demonstrates how to use Visual FoxPro as a Web backend. (c)1998 - Rick Strahl
Not to bad mouth foxisapi, but, it may be worth noting that it is not supported anymore by ms or the vfp team. The statement above about better efficiency with the foxisapi pool manager is a little dated. VFP mtdlls called from ASP.NET or ASP are undoubtedly more efficient at this point. It's also worth noting that there's more to install and manage with foxisapi and similar products (COM exes with ISAPI). ASP.NET and ASP are also ISAPI extensions and happen to be the flagship MS products and will only get better(SEDNA), so, it's hard to go wrong using them...
Claude Fox
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