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FoxPro DOS version 1.0 was released in 1989 by Fox Software.

FoxPro DOS version 2.0 secured the future of the product and was released in early 1991. Featuring 386 runtime and compilation options, as well as the fastest data engine available, it pushed FoxPro into a technical lead position in the xBASE world.

The product evolved through Version 2.5 before having a Windows cousin (FoxPro For Windows). Version 2.6 is the last version of FoxPro DOS.

The Current Version is now Visual FoxPro 9.0 - Came out in Dec 2004.

Does anyone have any comments as to the life time of FoxPro Dos Ina Shell ?
Looking to purchase FoxPro DOS or other legacy versions of Fox? See Purchase Old Versions Of Fox.
Contrary to what many in the FoxPro community would have you believe, there a quite a few companies still using DOS versions of FoxPro. This is based on a very unscientific poll of DEVCON 11 attendees in Miami, Fla.
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