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Fox Rocks and now we have a new dedicated magazine with the name Fox RockX. Here are the details:

Fox Talk was taken over by DFPUG on 1st March 2008. The new editor is Rainer Becker (again). The publication was renamed to Fox RockX. The magazine is published bimonthly online/print copy with 24 content pages (plus maybe advertising or sponsored articles). We fulfilled all existing subscriptions to Fox Talk 2.0 from Eli Journals (formerly Pinnacle Publishing ) as well as for FoxPro Advisor ordered via DFPUG in Germany.

The complete archive of past Fox Talk issues is being moved to Deutschsprachige Foxpro User Group Portal with access to current subscribers to all new and old articles, see Fox RockX Archives.

For more details see:

To subscribe now, please use the Pay Pal Buttons on our Homepage
Please do NOT use nor anymore!

See more details in Fox RockX Introduction here in the Wiki.
See contact information regarding your subscription at ISYS GmbH.

Find details about available issues at Fox RockX Issues and Fox RockX TOC.
Find answers to frequently asked questions at Fox RockX FAQ.
Add your testimonial at FoxRockXTestimonials if you like it.

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