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The Fox Show is a Pod Cast, hosted by Andrew MacNeill. It also has links to ScreenCasts and other details. By visiting the main site at or subscribing via RSS or iTunes, you can download individual shows and listen to them in your office, on your MP3 player or iPod.

The show covers FoxPro news, tips, tricks, product reviews and other stuff about Visual Foxpro, software development and other business related issues.

FoxShow #73: Interview with Doug, Tamar and Rick about Southwest Fox 2011 (July 2011)
FoxShow #72: Go Fish with Matt Slay (June 2011)
FoxShow #71: Fox In Cloud (April 2011)
FoxShow #70: Interview with Rainer Becker (dFPUG 2010) and Kevin Ragsdale (SWFox 2011) (Nov 2010)
FoxShow #65: Interview with Doug, Tamar and Rick about plans for Southwest Fox 2010
FoxShow #64: Interview with Jim Nelson, project lead for the PEM Editor on VFPX
FoxShow #57: Interview with ArtBerquist about the upcoming VFP Bootcamp and development life at Vision Pace.
FoxShow #56: Interview with Doug Hennig, Tamar Granor and Rick Schummer on Southwest Fox 2008.
FoxShow #55: What makes a great developer and interview with Naim Sula of SQL/X tools.
FoxShow #47: Discussion with Tod McKenna on Data Normalization
FoxShow #45: VFP SP2 and an interview with Servoy Managing director Bob Cusik
Fox Show #28: Southwest Fox 2006 Wrap-up Interviews

We're always looking for people who have products to be reviewed, interviewed and more. Email for more details

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