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This periodical is again edited by Rainer Becker. It was bought by DFPUG FoxPro User Group of German Language at 1st March 2008 and renamed to Fox RockX.
The good bye message from Eli Journals could be found at Additional information about the new magazine is available at Fox RockX, Fox RockX Issues, Fox RockX Archives and at

This periodical is no longer edited by Rainer Becker. It was bought out by Eli Journals around May 2006 and the quality has deteriorated substantially. See Pinnacle Publishing for related information.

An excellent FoxPro journal now edited by Rainer Becker (starting with the December, 2005 issue). By subscription only, but with one free article online each month at

Editors of Fox Talk Magazine

1989-1992 Glenn Hart
1992-1993 Lisa Slater (Lisa Slater Nicholls)
1993-1996 Bob Grommes
1996-2004 Whil Hentzen
2004-2005 David Stevenson
Dec. 2005-Apr. 2006 Rainer Becker
May 2006-Feb. 2008 JonathanRabson
Mar. 2008- Rainer Becker
1. Mar 2008 renamed to Fox RockX
Just came across the back-issue index from 1992. Interesting facts:
Other famous names appearing:
See Also Pinnacle Publishing Fox RockX

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