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Some of Microsoft's VFP Team, present and past.

Current Members

Product Group
Y Alan Griver - In the VSX group. VFP is a secondary responsibility
I think this is wrong. Alan is an architect on the Microsoft Communty team. Ken Levy is in the VSX Group.

Program Management
Milind Lele

Calvin Hsia - Development Lead
Aleksey Tsingauz
Richard Stanton


VFP Support/Beta Services Support
Jim Saunders
Trevor Hancock
Lee Mitchell

Past Members

Ken Levy - Moved to Windows Live team, March 2006, left Microsoft July 2008 to
Randy Brown - retired September 2005
John Koziol - Left on July 15 2005
Mike Stewart - left Feb 2005
Chandra Srinivasan - left Dec 2004
David T Anderson - left Oct 2004
John Alden - left July 2004
Jay Jones - left Dec 2004
Cameron Slade - left June 2006
Samuel Zhang - left sometime in 2006

Esther Fan - left mid-2004
John Walker - left late 2004

VFP Support
Brad Peterson - Brad has moved on.
Garrett Fitzgerald a-PSS 5/99-6/99, FTE PSS 6/99-3/02, a-Test 12/02-12/03, 3/04-12/04

There was a picture here of the Fox Team on [2001.05.22], courtesy of Mike Stewart and Garrett Fitzgerald, but I (gf) didn't keep the MSN community active, so it went bye-bye. Mike, got another copy handy?

That's not the entire Fox team, BTW. It's just a pic of who we got to show up at the time. And add one for the mystery Fox team member who actually snapped the pic. :-) (It was Mac Merchant, who has been known to show up to DevCons from time to time.) Mike Stewart

Cool, who's got the truck with the "Fox Rox" license plate? -- Mike Helland
That is Cathy's - Evan Delay

What about:

Tony Hynes
Dave Kappl
Rafael Munoz
Mere Waring
Are these folkes on the team somehow/where as well?? William Sanders

And let's not forget the testers who hung around and helped stabilize VFP from 3.0 onwards
Roger Bischoff - need I say more
Gene Goldhammer 1993 or so to 2003 Test Manager who brought a lot of experience and wisdom to the group. Left to manage a unit in Dag, but returned sometime around VFP6 SP3 timeframe to manage the OLE DB driver project. Gene retired from MS in 2003.
Tom Cooper 1993 to 2003 (always knowledgeable and helpful and could carry a tune)
Mike Kennedy 1996 to ???? (Active - X)
Doug Shepard 199? to 2001 (worked his way up from PSS)
Mike Stewart 1999 to 2005 (also moved over from PSS)
Susan Hamilton 199? to 1997 (a lot of things including International testing moved over to MDAC testing)
Steve Hsu - 19?? to ???? - from Fox Perrysburg days through VFP5 and then on to MDAC. Steve was the original author of Mace, the automated testing harness that had thousands of test cases.
Guillermo Proano 1999 to 2001 (lots of COM stuff, OLEDB)

Chris Pudlicki
Chris Caposella
Susan Graham (Susan was not a tester but a PM who did a lot of work with the Betas and the communities. But she probably did some testing, too.)

Oranged Badged Contractors with the dreaded a dash in their email names
Dick Hawes 1996 to 2002 - great stories about Korea and working at Boeing and who was eventually awarded a Microsoft True Blue Badge. During the 90's Dick was in charge of monitoring the test lab and the results of automated testing by Mace.
Steve Pace 1997 to 1998 (who's email was a-space and was always eating huge bowls of cereal in the lab)
a-Jeffle 1995 to 1999 (who almost got that dang automated test lab, MACE, working. Both Mr. a-jeffle and Mace were aptly replaced by "Mad Dog".)
Royal Cardon 1998 to 1999, and 2003 to 2004 (great stories about being a consultant in Russia)
Dave F. (who rode his Goldwing to work everyday rain or shine)
Greg Reichert on two separate occasions (see GLR Software for some great VFP utilities.)
Cathi Gero 2002 to 2003 (worked on Data Environment class and other stuff for VFP8)
David T Anderson 2003 to 2004 (worked on SQL and other stuff for VFP9)
Cathy Pountney 2001
Jay Jones 2001 to 2004 (The buildmaster and tester, now an MS employee)
Blaise Mitsutama ?

Brian from Wallingford: the Mac expert who saved us all from the dreaded resource fork.

and a others including the PPS guys who were always good. And I'm forgetting a lot of the original surviors of VFP3, but there was always good old Johnny Walker when we needed him.

... and further back, and perhaps somewhat more remotely and/or immediately or closely senior...

Richard McAniff
Jon Sigler
Eric Rudder
Todd Nielsen Now CEO of Borland.

Melissa Dunn -a PM who left between 3 and 5. I believe she did a lot of the work on the new VFP5+ Debugger. Also see George Goley.

Kevin Truong - a PermaTemp C Programmer arrived after 6.0 shipped and stayed until sometime past VFP7. Kevin did the early work on the IDE Docking and he cleaned up the bugs in the debugger for which we all owe a great deal of appreciation, IMO.)

John Rivard - a Microsoft employee DEV. Don't know when John started in VFP, but he left very shortly after VFP6 and went to the VB team. John's last major piece was the Active Document project, which at the time was a hot idea. I have seen one AD project and it was pretty cool.

Allison Koeneke - a Microsoft Project Manager and more. I believe Allison arrived sometime during the VFP3 Mac or VFP5 phase. She left sometime after VFP6. Allison was the PM for Active Document.

Kim H. - a Microsoft PM. Started ???? and left after VFP5 or just before it shipped.

Lisa Brummel -- Lisa Brummel was recently named the new corporate vice president for human resources at Microsoft. She's interviewed on Channel9 at And now in 2019, she co-owns a WNBA team:

See also VFP Component Authors

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