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Fox Team Chat Session 2003.09.12

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This chat has been cleaned up for readability. For the original version, see _FoxTeamChatSession2003.09.12_Original

Re Mike Stewart's comment at 16:04, Ken Levy was included on the original email invitation that was sent to all previous speakers. (2/26, 10:38 pm) He never replied. Last year he repeatedly contacted me about a variety of issues about GLGDW (without being invited to contact me). This year he has never contacted me about anything. Invites were not sent directly to other members of the team because I was told not to last year - that Ken decided who would go so as to coordinate and maximize resources, and I was following his instructions. There was also a public call for papers posted on the UT and other public forums, as well as our website, the same week, just in case people skipped over or missed the email. In previous years, several members of the team submitted their own proposals directly to me, independent of Ken, based on similar public calls for papers. No one on the team ever submitted a proposal this year. Sorry 'bout the misunderstanding. - Whil Hentzen
[15:00] John Koziol Hi everyone, welcome to our chat!
[15:00] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Of course, then it was RELAY@YALEVM.BITNET, not irc....
[15:00] RD Garrett is telling his age
[15:00] Dan Freeman Hi John
[15:00] John Koziol Today we have 5 members of the VFP Team. We'll introduce ourselves: starting with Alan
[15:01] yag Hey everyone. I'm Yair Alan Griver, Group Manager of Visual Studio Data...
[15:01] Richard Stanton Hi I'm Richard I am a develeoper on the Fox team.
[15:01] Esther Fan Hi, I'm Esther, I handle the VFP docs
[15:02] John Koziol Hi, I'm John and do testing on VFP
[15:02] Mike Stewart Mike Stewart, test engineer on VFP
[15:02] John Koziol Anyone have anything they'd like to ask or discuss?
[15:03] Sergey Berezniker John, where is a surprise you promised? :)
[15:03] yag OK then, it was great chatting with y'all... < g >
[15:03] DmitryLitvak When is SP1 ready?
[15:03] yag I think I'm the suprise... < g > SURPRISE!
[15:03] Dan Freeman hey yag, you forgot my birthday this year. :-(
[15:03] John Koziol Soon
[15:03] DmitryLitvak How soon soon, John? :-)
[15:04] John Koziol (Checking to see what can be disclosed)
[15:04] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Ken said "I said that SP1 for Visual FoxPro 8.0 would be released sometime in September 2003 online for free download. In our efforts to ensure quality and stability, it appears we will complete SP1 the last week of September, which means it will actually be available online for free download in early October.
[15:04] yag It will be completed the last week of this month, and release in early October.
[15:04] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt (Link: )
[15:05] John Koziol Next question?
[15:05] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
[15:05] John Koziol European or African?
[15:06] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt I don't know... ARGH!
[15:06] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt has left #VisualFoxPro
[15:06] Dan Freeman ROFL
[15:05] Andy Needham Does SP1 clear up the _NEWENUM stuff?
[15:08] Mike Stewart _NEWENUM? That isn't a VFP system variable. Care to elaborate?
[15:05] MikeSue-Ping Anything new to reveal about Europa that hasn't already been said?
[15:06] Esparta Palma I'd like to know if there's any update to the Cursor Adapter core, I mean in this SP1. I'm desagreed with TableUpdate function on Remote Connections
[15:07] John Koziol What issues do you have with the TableUpdate function in Cursor Adapters?
[15:07] Esparta Palma TableUpdate always returns .T. with Remote Connections, it doesn't work like Remote Views do
[15:08] BrianJacon If you attach a cursor to a cursoradapter, then assign a recordset to the cursoradapter, how do you get the CA to populate the RS?
[15:08] Esparta Palma I cannot control UpdateConflicts
[15:09] John Koziol Several CursorAdpater issues are addressed in SP1
[15:08] Sergey Berezniker Q 2 Esthert: How do you like to work on VFP docs?
[15:09] Esther Fan There's a lot of features to doc! :-D
[15:09] John Koziol Some new properties were added as well to CA for greater control
[15:09] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Esther: what docs have you worked on before Fox?
[15:10] Esther Fan I've worked on Visual Studio docs
[15:10] Mike Stewart Brian, let me make sure I understand your question. When you say "assign", do you mean something like oRs = oCA?
[15:11] BrianJacon Hi Mike; oCA.DataSource = oRS
[15:11] JoelWhitehead My company and clients are big on certifications. Is there any hope of there ever being exams for any newer version of VFP than 6? They seem to see VFP as a less relevant choice for development since there are exams for .NET and Studio but not VFP.
[15:12] yag There are no plans at this time for updates to the VFP exams. VFP6 exam turnout was disappointing.
[15:11] Esparta Palma JohnK, I'm very interesting about TableUpdate+CA, Of course I can do Stored Procedures with MS-SQLServer, but in some situations I cannot do it (may be I don't have Rigths to do it).
[15:12] Mike Stewart Brian, calling the Fill method should poplulate it. I'm not at a machine that I can test on right now.
[15:13] NeilTonkin Richard: As you guys use VC are there any plans to take advantage of the IJW tecnology for the VFP core?
[15:14] Dan Freeman how well have VFP8 upgrades been selling? As expected? Better? Worse?
[15:14] yag Dan - you know I can't answer that... < g > Promise I won't forget your birthday next time...
[15:14] Dan Freeman LOL! And you know I hadda ask. < g >
[15:14] Ron Am interested in controls relating to Tablet PC. Has anyone done development for Tablet PC?
[15:14] John Koziol Ron: A lot of us have Tablets, Ron, and VFP runs great on it
[15:15] BrianJacon Mike, are you saying that CursorFill() will populate the RS after a CursorAttach() is done?
[15:15] Mike Stewart I've done demos at SoCal user groups using VFP and the Tablet PC. Markus Egger wrote an article for a recent FoxPro Advisor issue as well. Any specific questions regarding VFP and the Tablet PC?
[15:15] John Koziol The Tablet Ink ActiveX controls work great with VFP
[15:15] Richard Stanton Sorry but the IJW technology is NYI.
[15:16] Ron (Mike) what issue of FoxPro Advisor ..Tablet PC
[15:16] Carl Karsten wow - look at all these people. hi all
[15:16] yag I think it was last month's issue of FPA
[15:16] Josue
hola Carl ;)
[15:16] Andy Needham _NEWENUM: I and others have been getting errors from time to time where the variable part of the error message, say the abc.frx in "File abc.frx not found", is replaced with _NEWENUM.
[15:16] JohnHerron Richard: Will VFP9's new reports system work with all printers. I still get problems printing / previewing reports with VFP7 when the printer works fine when printing from Word etc.
[15:16] Ron (John) Where can one obtain some sample code of using the Tablet Ink ActiveX
[15:17] John Koziol Ron, looking right nowl...
[15:18] FabianBelo argh... Am I late? Let's see..
[15:18] DmitryLitvak John, what is the purpose of this chat session?
[15:18] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt To chat. :-)
[15:19] John Koziol To hang out with the community and answer any questions you might have
[15:19] DmitryLitvak Thanks Garratt :-)
[15:19] Jim Nelson If it is like others, Dmitry, it is first-come-first-served on questions/comments (which is fair enough in my opinion)
[15:19] MelCummings anyway on of you Fox guys can moderate this discussion... lol.... I getting dissy
[15:18] Esparta Palma Ron: There's a free WhitePaper about Tablet PC at Markus Site:
[15:19] Ron Our agency has made the commitment to develop for the Tablet PC and have found that everyone feels there is great possiblilities. at this point only using the Input panel, but see that i need more control, so any suggestions are really welcome!
[15:19] Ron (EsparaPalma) Thanks will check it out
[15:19] Esparta Palma Ron: You're welcome
[15:19] Mike Stewart The Tablet article was in the july issue. Here's a link to the article:
[15:19] MelCummings dizzy
[15:19] YanickLavoie this might already been asked but will this chat session log be available for DL. If so anyone with a link?
[15:20] John Koziol Is this being logged?
[15:20] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt I'm logging, I think.
[15:20] Esparta Palma Me too
[15:21] YanickLavoie thanks a bunch RD
[15:21] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Or maybe not.
[15:21] Ron (Mike) Thanks for the link
[15:21] John Koziol I suppose we could see if Michel could make it available if we get a clean log.
[15:22] Dan Freeman OK, so everyone keep it clean. ;-)
[15:22] John Koziol Heh
[15:22] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt tosses a mud pie in DFa PAM's direction. :-)
[15:23] Dan Freeman < g >
[15:23] Mike Stewart Brian, after rereading your question, I don't think what you want to do is possible. The CA sucks data in, but wasn't designed to spit it out and populate a RS.
[15:23] Richard Stanton _NEWENUM: I'm not familiar with this bug, has it been reported?
[15:24] DmitryLitvak Mike, careful, someone might take your words out of context :-)
[15:24] foxpaul Olha eu aqui!
[15:26] John Koziol Any other questions? Observations?
[15:26] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Trials? Tribulations?
[15:26] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Permutations? Combinations?
[15:26] Esparta Palma What do we need to do, to have VFP7 o VFP8 Exams?
[15:26] robert
Hi matus
[15:26] Tracy Pearson Is PemStatus supposed to work in a COM DLL?
[15:26] robert
HI MATUS!!!!!!!!!
[15:26] cBot Calm down robert
[15:26] Josue can you talk a little more about the VFP 9 report writer?
[15:26] matus
[15:27] MikeSue-Ping Is there anything new to report regarding Europa that hasn't already been said?
[15:27] John Koziol Esparta: There won't be VFP7 or 8 exams as yag mentioned earlier
[15:27] Claudio Lassala Hi, John and Fox Team! Is there any chance to VFP handle multi-threading, or that's impossible because of any technical limitation on it?
[15:27] robert
[15:27] DmitryLitvak Yes, tell us more about the report writer in Europa. Specifics.
[15:27] EleanorLeo Yes, Please tell us what you can about the Europa report writer
[15:27] BrianJacon Will there be a VFP 9 public beta?
[15:27] John Koziol Pemstatus should always work,Tracy
[15:27] yag On the report writer - all we can say is that it is going to be pretty cool.
[15:28] yag I'd say more - but Ken would kill me - he likes to show off these things himself...
[15:28] CodeKeeperPlagiado mato
[15:28] Mike Stewart Claudio, VFP handles multithreading via multithreaded COM DLLs. There are currently no plans to have VFP apps and the IDE run on multiple threads.
[15:28] CodeKeeperPlagiado MATU
[15:28] Josue yag - any "cool" feature about it?
[15:28] eth does vfp8 sp1 include any new features or is it bug fixes only
[15:28] CodeKeeperPlagiado QUE PINTA DE GAY QUE TENES
[15:28] Tracy Pearson John Koziol - See Re: PEMSTATUS() Function Thread #827554 Message #827677
[15:29] John Koziol Tracy - I'll look into it
[15:29] Tracy Pearson Thanks
[15:30] John Koziol Just read that thread, Tracy. Interesting. I'll "bug" it on this end
[15:30] Tracy Pearson John Koziol - Thanks
[15:28] JohnHerron yag: We won't tell Ken.
[15:28] Mike Stewart What problem are you trying to solve with multiple threads? Multithreaded programming can get pretty messy, you know.
[15:29] yag John: < rof,l > Yeah, but with everyone logging this, he'll find out... < g >
[15:29] yag Anyway, on the VFP9 public beta - it's something we're talking about but it's too early to come to a conclusion right now.
[15:29] Richard Stanton On multi-threading, it would be very difficult to get the runtime to work multithreaded, so there are no plans to do so. If you really need multithreading, you can put your code into a multithreaded DLL.
[15:29] Claudio Lassala Yeah, I know that, Mike. My main problem is that if you have a couple of ActiveX controls in a form (treeview, toolbar, just to name a few), things get really nasty when the events of those controls start overlapping each other.
[15:30] BrianJacon any coincidence that the SQL Server reporting tool is being worked on the same time as VFP's is being "revised"?
[15:30] EleanorLeo How about a hint on Europa report writer , like it might be multi pass, use objects?
[15:30] Josue any news with VFP run-times running on Linux?
[15:31] FabianBelo Linux? What's that? :)
[15:31] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt plugs his ears and starts saying "I'm not listening" over and over
[15:31] DmitryLitvak Josue, you had to ask? :-)
[15:31] yag multi-pass and objects have been high on the request list...
[15:31] EleanorLeo That is cool
[15:31] Claudio Lassala I've been solving that kind of problem by adding numerous Timer objects and writing a bunch of code to control the order of events being run, but that's horrid. :)
[15:32] CodeKeeperPlagiado you are EXTASIADO
[15:32] yag Brian: yes, a coincidence...
[15:32] Josue Dmitry - yes :D
[15:33] Carl Karsten When we get an Active - X control that is 'misbehaving' and the author says "works on VB, so it must be VFP" how can we test the control to see exactly what the problem is?
[15:33] Mike Stewart Claudio, I don't know that running things on multiple threads would be a whole lot less horrid. You would still have a lot of things to keep track of as far as concurrency is concerned.
[15:34] YanickLavoie with .NET there's a cool integration with MSSQLDE straight into the IDE, even if VFP has it's own database, is that something you guys are considering to bring in... there's a lot of us doing n-tier with VFP for front end and middle tier and SQL for Backend.
[15:35] yag Doing a SQL task pane would be a cool idea. We don't have plans right now, but if anyone here wants to take it on and post it to
[15:36] YanickLavoie we are not getting paid for this ya know :)
[15:36] Claudio Lassala yeah, I know, Mike.. Let me give the picture: I have a Toolbar ActiveX, and a Treeview ActiveX. The user clicks on a toolbar's button, which fires some code to run. Without waiting for the code to finish running, the user clicks on a node in the treeview. All weird behaviors happen here. If I could spin up a different thread for the code running in the Toolbar, and another for the one running on the treeview, I'd have better control over tha
[15:36] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Ooh, that would be fun.
[15:37] yag Yanick: LOL
[15:37] Jim Nelson Esther Fan: Any chance to get some kind of 'revision marker' in VFP docs next issue (or even later, if necessary)? Something telling us "THIS CHANGED FROM LAST ISSUE"
[15:37] Dan Freeman Esther: me too! me too! me too!
[15:38] Esther Fan I can do some investigation about that
[15:37] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Esther: yesyesyesyesyesyes!
[15:38] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt After all, Esther, a lot of us have the docs semi-memorized: a pointer on what not to bother re-reading would be a _good_ thing. :-)
[15:37] Mike Stewart Ah, I see what you're saying Claudio. But as Richard points out, it would be very difficult to get this working in runtime, so we unfortunatelly have no plans to do so.
[15:37] RonaldHaugen (Tablet PC again) All of our development has been in VFP and powers to be indicate that we will stay in VFP. Question I have is if we plan on multiple development projects for the Tablet PC, will we get frustrated, or will MS be promoting apps for Tablet PC with VFP?
[15:38] JohnHerron Richard: What’s it like developing the best database development product (VFP) ?
[15:38] Claudio Lassala Ok, Mike, I can imagine that's something hard to support. Anyways, tks for clarifying. :)
[15:38] John Koziol There are enough of us here on the team using Tablets that if there was a problem with writing VFP apps on a Tablet we'd know about it.
[15:38] Esther Fan We do have a section in the "What's New" that documents functionality changes
[15:39] DmitryLitvak Is there a question we can ask to get a definitive answer? :-)
[15:39] Jim Nelson Esther: Sure, investigate all you want - as long as the final answer is YES < s >
[15:39] John Koziol Dmitry: Ask us what color the sky is
[15:39] Esther Fan are you referring to fixes in the docs?
[15:39] DmitryLitvak Is it really, John? :-)
[15:39] Esparta Palma Esther: Yes, we do
[15:39] John Koziol heh
[15:40] Richard Stanton JohnHerron: It is great, IMO this is one of the best teams to work for at MS.
[15:40] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt John, "The sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel" means something completely different to my daughters than it did to us. :-)
[15:40] Jim Nelson Esther: No, not just fixes, ANYTHING that has changed - indicated WHERE ONE IS READING IT. The "what's changed" section is useful, but only to an extent.
[15:40] RonaldHaugen (John) In our limited development already, we have experience the alignment of pen getting out of wack and so far the users have a difficult time re-aligning their Tablet PC's. It falls to our IS and is time consuming. Is there a better way to activate thru VFP?
[15:41] John Koziol Yag and I have to leave in 5 minutes - the others will be here until 1 PM (20 mins)
[15:41] DmitryLitvak Jim, as long as Sergey is on UT, don't worry about documentation :-)
[15:41] Esther Fan perhaps you could submit some examples?
[15:41] Esparta Palma Another about Reports: I are not be able to Print from COM objects, even with NOCONSOLE clause in REPORT FORM ....
[15:41] Mike Stewart Ronald, sounds like a hardware issue to me. I've spent a fair bit of time developing VFP apps on the Tablet PC, and haven't seen this issue. Is it just VFP apps that suffer from misalignment, or is it system-wide?
[15:42] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Esther: maybe a vertical bar in the left margin on changed topics? Should be easy enough to do with CSS, once you determine where the change is (probably non-trivial)
[15:42] Jim Nelson ESTHER!!! Do I really have to submit examples???? It is (well, WAS) a very common thing to indicate a revision by a thin vertical bar beside the changed text. Word can STILL do that.
[15:42] RonaldHaugen (John) Glad to hear that! I found it on the Toshiba 3505, but our Acers and HP have not had the problem
[15:43] Esther Fan we can discuss some ideas outside this chat session if you like
[15:43] RonaldHaugen (John) the alignment problem seems to be happening at random and found that we had to shut the Tablet PC down and then do the alignment after a reboot
[15:43] Keith
[15:44] John Koziol I have the Toshiba and I haven't seen it, although if it happens on one type and not on the others it's probably a hardware issue and unrelated to VFP
[15:44] Josue hi Keith
[15:44] Jim Nelson VFPT: non-VFP issue, but needs fixin... LARGE FONTS doesn't work 'properly' because it only addresses the fonts and not the 'container' they're in. So they wrap often in Word docs and web pages. You gotta change the casing when you change the amount of meat in the sausage!
[15:44] Keith
Hey Josue
[15:44] Richard Stanton Esparta Palma: If you have steps to reproduce this send me an e-mail at I am not sure what the problem is from the description.
[15:45] Randy Bosma for EsterFan: The help seems to have a lack of screen shots. Seems odd for a visual development tool...
[15:45] Jim Nelson Esther: maybe you can try it in Word (Revision tracking or some-such) and see what I mean.
[15:45] RonaldHaugen (John) I thank you for your comments, but I have a sneaky suspicion that since I use the Toshiba for Development and have experience it, and have not on the other models which are only being used in the field, that it was something I was doing to mess up
[15:45] yag Hey folks, it's been fun. Gotta run to a meeting now. Have a great weekend, everyone...
[15:45] fabiovazquez Hi VFP Team! Is there any chance of the new XML Editor MS is working on to be included in the next version of VFP ?
[15:46] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Esparta: from what I've heard, the report engine isn't thread-safe, which is why you can't call it from a DLL, even with noconsole. No idea if that's still true...
[15:46] yag The new XML Editor is written in managed code, and will be part of VS
[15:46] YanickLavoie have a good one too yag - and please thing about MSDE in VFP :)
[15:46] Josue bye yag
[15:46] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Thanks, Alan!
[15:46] yag Will do, Yanick < g >
[15:46] Tracy Pearson Later yag
[15:46] John Koziol I also have to fly - it was a lot of fun! Thanks, everyone
[15:46] JohnHerron Richard: Would it be possible for VFP to use .NET classes. If yes will this be a feature of VFP9?
[15:46] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt cya, John!
[15:46] Dan Freeman laterz yag
[15:46] Esparta Palma RichardS: Is tipical Issue about printing from COM DLL object, AFAIK it never work, it work fine in an COM EXE
[15:47] Jim Nelson Esther: Right, but we want//NEED them to. Talk to the folks who own it and ask them to do so, please.
[15:47] Mike Stewart Such is the nature of a COM DLL: no user interface allowed. If a dialog were to pop up complaining about no paper in the printer, or whatever, it would hang the server process.
[15:47] Esther Fan Randy, would more screenshots be helpful? It is tricky to provide the right kind of screenshots
[15:48] Richard Stanton JohnHerron: About using .NET Classes. I can't comment on this right now. It is something being looked at for Europa.
[15:48] JohnHerron Thanks Richard.
[15:49] Randy Bosma Yes, Esther, they would be. The code examples for a command button are, well, useless?? Who codes a form by hand?
[15:49] CristianTenea Hi, it's known bug on version 3 to 6 "Record in use by another user" when working only 1 user with local tables, but I think somthing related to this is still in 7 and 8 version, I have a problem with user save appended records one over another, and update trigger is executed instead of insert on a record created with append blank
[15:49] Esparta Palma GarretF: That's what I supossed about this Issue about Printing from COM DLL, I wonder an confirmation from Fox Team :)
[15:50] Richard Stanton Yes I am sorry. You cannot use the Report from a COM DLL. But you can from a COM EXE.
[15:50] Esther Fan Randy, maybe we can talk offline about what kind of screenshots would be most helpful
[15:50] Josue anyone using vfp 8 can tell me if still expands a icon to 32 x 32 even if the original icon file is 20 x 20 in command buttons. VFP 7 it does that way
[15:52] Tracy Pearson Josue, yes. In VFP 8 an Icon file placed on a command button, expands to 32x32. even if the Icon was set to 16x16.
[15:52] Josue it would be nice VFP 9 get that fixed
[15:51] Esther Fan Randy, are you referring to a specific topic?
[15:52] Randy Bosma Actually, I'm referring to any topic; I can't recall seeing a screenshot anywhere for any visual design tool.
[15:52] Randy Bosma It seems to be 100% text descriptions about what you're working with.
[15:53] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt
[15:53] Esther Fan ok, we can discuss more about that outside chat
[15:54] Esparta Palma to Fox Team, Is it planned to include an SergeyB Class in VFP9? :D
[15:54] Randy Bosma Great! You contact me via a UT private message OK?
[15:54] Richard Stanton Could you give more info on the icon problem. Changes were made in 8 to allow high color icons.
[15:54] YanickLavoie Any anchors for objects on a form [kinda like in .NET] planned for Europa?
[15:54] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Hmmm. They could probably implement a Sergey.acs....
[15:54] Esther Fan sure thing
[15:55] Esther Fan thanks Randy!
[15:55] Tracy Pearson create an Icon 16x16 pixels. Drop it onto a command button. It expands to 32x32 pixels
[15:56] Evan Delay Did I miss the party?
[15:56] Carl Karsten hey Evan
[15:56] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Yanick - according to (Link: ), yes.
[15:56] Dan Freeman Yes, Evan, and the big announcement too.
[15:56] Carl Karsten missed yag and gonzo
[15:56] Evan Delay Yo Carl, long time
[15:56] Fred doh... lot of people we're not used to see ;)
[15:56] YanickLavoie Thanks for the link Garrett... I'll take a look
[15:56] Evan Delay What was the big announcement Dan?
[15:56] Josue also it does with a picture control, it expand the icon too
[15:56] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt slaps Dan Freeman around a bit with a large trout
[15:56] Dan Freeman Just kidding
[15:57] Carl Karsten hey Freman - any chance of you coming to whilfest?
[15:57] Evan Delay Arg. Slaps Dan with BC smoked salmon
[15:57] Richard Stanton Yanick: We demoed anchors at DevCon.
[15:57] Dan Freeman Yeah Carl. I'll be there.
[15:57] Carl Karsten whoppy!
[15:57] Evan Delay Hey Richard. Last time I saw you, you looked kinda pale
[15:57] YanickLavoie and I couldn't assist, what a shame :)
[15:57] Evan Delay Hey MikeS
[15:58] Mike Stewart Hey, Evan, eh?
[15:58] Mike Stewart :-)
[15:58] Evan Delay Mike, arg! :-)
[15:58] Richard Stanton Icon: So you are saying in 7 a 16x16 stays the same size, but in 8 it is expanded to 32?
[15:58] Josue nope, in 7 it expand the icon too
[15:58] Tracy Pearson Richard Stanton: Nope.. both do it.
[15:58] Mike Stewart Well, the rest of us will be bopping out of here in about five minutes. Rest of the Fox team, that is.
[15:59] Richard Stanton What would you like 9 to do with icons?
[15:59] Esparta Palma Who will be al Whil Fest?
[15:59] Evan Delay Not me
[15:59] Josue Richard Stanton: keep it original sizes
[15:59] Esparta Palma I think it's better to chat in person....
[15:59] Keith I logged on kinda late, but is there a fix for the help file error in VFP8?
[15:59] Tracy Pearson When placed on a commandbutton. Leave them the original size.
[16:00] Mike Stewart "The help file error"? Could you be more specific?
[16:00] Del Lee Can one get a transcript of this? I got here kinda late...
[16:00] FredSteczycki TP, an icon can store diff sizes
[16:00] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Keith: empty your IE cache. That seems to help.
[16:00] CristianTenea Fox Team , what about user saving appended records overlaped in dbf , how to resolve?
[16:00] Tracy Pearson But if only one size is in the icon, it should use that size, not expand it.
[16:00] Esther Fan if you're talking about the script error, yes, cleaning out the cache should do it
[16:00] Carl Karsten I'll be there
[16:00] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Esparta - not me.
[16:00] Keith Yes, when I attempt to use the help file I get a run-time error.
[16:01] Tracy Pearson I'll be at Whil Fest
[16:01] Richard Stanton I would be worried that changing the icon behavior could break existing apps. You could use a bitmap as a workaround?
[16:01] Esther Fan Keith, if cleaning out the cache doesn't do it, could you email me a screenshot with the error?
[16:01] Keith Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt, I do clear out the IE cache, no luck.
[16:01] Randy Bosma I'll be in Milwaukee too.
[16:01] Keith Sure can.
[16:01] Evan Delay help
[16:01] FredSteczycki i'd add a property to manage this icon size...
[16:01] Esther Fan great, thanks!
[16:02] Evan Delay sorry, just trying to execute some commands
[16:02] Josue Richard Stanton: why not control it as a new property? so the change is optional
[16:03] Esparta Palma What about Fox Team?, they will be at Whil Fest?
[16:03] YanickLavoie I
[16:03] Esther Fan Keith, it come through ok?
[16:03] YanickLavoie I'm with Josue for an additonnal propertie for the icon behavior
[16:04] Mike Stewart It would appear that no one on the team will be attending that conference, as we were not invited.
[16:04] Tracy Pearson I think it would be a good thing too.
[16:04] FredSteczycki YL, Josue, you got my vote too
[16:04] Richard Stanton The problem with adding a new property is that unneccessary ones just slow Fox down, and clutter up the property sheet.
[16:04] Tracy Pearson Is the property sheet going to have a Favorites?
[16:05] Josue Richard Stanton: add one property will slow Fox down? are you talking seriusly??
[16:05] RonaldHaugen (RS) Coment on unnecessary properties slow fox down, how big a factor is this?
[16:05] YanickLavoie I guess a property grouping [again like .NET] would unclutter everything... but it might already been planned for VFP9 [i wasn't at devcon :)]
[16:06] Tracy Pearson Is that slowdown strictly in the IDE?
[16:06] DenisChasse Hello all
[16:07] Josue hi Denis
[16:07] DenisChasse Crowdy in here 8- >
[16:07] Richard Stanton Favorites Tab: This is on our plate of items to review.
[16:07] DenisChasse Is it over?
[16:08] YanickLavoie Denis : looks like we are close to the end ! :\
[16:08] DenisChasse Anything interesting happened?
[16:08] Randy Bosma Good news on that Favorites Tab; that seems to address some things on the wish list
[16:08] Evan Delay I've got to bail, it is my wife's birthday.
[16:08] Evan Delay Thank you Fox team for hosting a chat
[16:08] JohnHerron Thanks VFP team. Keep up the good work!!
[16:08] DavidNantais Denis : CODEMINE RULZ!
[16:09] Evan Delay Later
[16:09] DenisChasse YESSSSSSS David ;-)
[16:09] Mike Stewart Well, kids, it's been fun, but the Fox team is taking off. See you on the UT forums.
[16:09] DavidNantais it makes me look like i'm running a million dollar operation.
[16:09] Esther Fan thanks for the ideas!
[16:09] CristianTenea Could anyone help me with problem of user save appended records one over another
[16:09] DenisChasse I'm really glad I came :-)
[16:10] DenisChasse Talk about timing
[16:10] YanickLavoie thanks Fox Team... this was interesting... keep up the good work
[16:10] DenisChasse Too bad I could'nt come sooner
[16:10] Carl Karsten hey DC
[16:10] DenisChasse Hello Carl
[16:10] Carl Karsten did anyone ever say anthing about misbehaving active-x's?
[16:10] Tracy Pearson yes
[16:10] Tracy Pearson and no
[16:10] YanickLavoie Denis : RB told me he was logging everything and that he'd email me the log... if you want I'll pass it over
[16:10] Carl Karsten damm, missed it...
[16:10] DenisChasse Did anyone talk about marketing?
[16:11] Tracy Pearson nope
[16:11] DavidNantais there is no marketing to talk about...
[16:11] DenisChasse Yanick - That would be fine
[16:11] Tracy Pearson CristianTenea: I've not seen this problem.
[16:11] YanickLavoie Denis : unfortunatly the weak point have not been mentioned :)
[16:11] DenisChasse Wanick - Are you the guy from FImat?
[16:11] DenisChasse Wanick - Are you the guy from Fimat?
[16:11] DenisChasse Yanick - Are you the guy from Fimat?
[16:11] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Cristian: best to call Product Support.
[16:11] YanickLavoie I am - well newly from Fimat , just started the new job
[16:11] CristianTenea In Romania there isn't
[16:12] DenisChasse Yanick - I just noticed that you use Codemine. Is it because of Fimat?
[16:12] DavidNantais just be well prepared to jump the foxpro ship.....
[16:12] FredArmoni Cristian : what version?
[16:12] YanickLavoie yep...
[16:12] CristianTenea could you please see thread #825574
[16:12] DenisChasse Yanick - How long have you bee using it? You like it?
[16:12] YanickLavoie and it's a thousant time easier/less restrictive than other Framework have been using
[16:12] CristianTenea any version
[16:12] Del Lee I got here kinda late. Can I find a transcript somehow?
[16:12] DavidNantais is it true Codemine is a framework built by an insurance company
[16:13] DavidNantais and they just use Codemine framework as an alternate revenue stream
[16:13] YanickLavoie been using it for a little over a month now... and I like it - even though I'm surely not using it to it's fullest
[16:13] RD check your private Del Lee
[16:13] Carl Karsten hi Del Lee
[16:13] DavidNantais but its main purpose is to be the framework for the insurance company ?
[16:13] Del Lee Hi Carl
[16:13] YanickLavoie Denis, how long have you been using it?
[16:13] FredArmoni Cristian : i don't like to go on UT, sorry
[16:13] DenisChasse David Nantais: I don't know but I'd be surprised it's the case
[16:14] Carl Karsten Tracy Pearson - what was said about active-x's? - got a phrase I can search for?
[16:14] DavidNantais notice the stuff they do with 'document flow management' though.
[16:14] Tracy Pearson Carl Karsten: treeview
[16:14] GONZALO Hi, people
[16:14] Sergey Berezniker Bye everybody
[16:14] DenisChasse Yanick : I've been using it for some years. But now I work on something that does'nt use it. Perhaps I'll remake that app someday with it
[16:14] DenisChasse Byr Sergey
[16:14] YanickLavoie have a good weekend Sergey...
[16:14] DenisChasse SergerY - You the man ;-D
[16:14] GONZALO Is here anyone from Fox Team yet?
[16:14] DenisChasse SergeY - You the man ;-D
[16:15] Esparta Palma See you everybody
[16:15] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Gonz - here and gone.
[16:15] DavidNantais will a log of this chat be made?
[16:15] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Some of them were here over an hour.
[16:15] Garrett Fitzgerald - Volt Time to get back to work, I think... see you!
[16:15] DenisChasse David - Somebody mentioned he would do that
[16:15] Carl Karsten so no responce to my question :(
[16:16] CristianTenea Tracy: can you please see thread#825574
[16:16] Carl Karsten log... I'll post somting
[16:16] YanickLavoie ok gotta get back to work too... Everyone, have a good one!
[16:16] DenisChasse Thanks
[16:16] Tracy Pearson yes
[16:16] DenisChasse Bye Yanick
[16:16] CristianTenea thanks
[16:17] Carl Karsten team effort - I wasn't here the whole time, Tracy Pearson was so will send it to me to post
[16:17] DenisChasse Where will this be posted? Wiki?

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