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Fox Unit is a testing framework being developed as an Open Source project. It was initiated by Jim Erwin (of Visionpace) with assistance from Drew Speedie and other members of the VDSI team. Anyone may download it at
Version 1.02.00 build released (03/16/2005)

Version 1.01.00 build released (08/31/2004). For details visit

Version 1.00.02 build released today (08/16/2004). Website also contains a "State of the Unit" message for 08/16/2004.

Version 1.0 was to be released on August 10th. A webinar has been scheduled to demo the product. Details at the web link below.

The product was demoed at the Dev Essentials conference (2004). -- ?tr

Visionpace has a stored webinar about Fox Unit.

I just ran it, and it is an excellent review of both the Test Driven Development Process, and a very good basic tutorial on Fox Unit. I have been programming for over 30 years, with 10 years in FoxPro and VFP. I have been reading about TDD for about a year now, but was not ready to jump into it. This webinar and the FoxPro Advisor article on TDD (May 2004) have convinced me that TDD is the way to go for all of my development, and Fox Unit is the way to get there.

Burt Rosen

how to get there? webinars seem to be broken :-(
Working again as of [2008.01.25 04:54:52 PM EST] :-)
Actually you can see webinar list if your system date is set to American ie MM/dd/rrrr. Webinar download not working, unless I've missed sth... Server Error in '/webinars' Application. Cast from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid. [2008.01.26 10:42:59 AM EST]

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