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I receive periodic calls for developers/consultants who are capable of migrating FoxPro 2.x projects to Visual FoxPro. If this is a service you can/will provide, please add your name and contact info to the list.
Ganesh Makwana - Bangalore - India based software developer, languages Clipper, FoxPro 2.0, VFP 9.0, Harbour 3.0 also migrate old APPs.
Alan Arons - xBase languages since early 80's. Located in Beachwood(Cleveland), Ohio
TGFConsultants - UK based Visual FoxPro bespoke development, conversions, upgrade and legacy support. Contact via
Vision Data Solutions - We have about a dozen developers who can do that. Kelly Conway
Reltrans 21 -
Fletcher Johnson
Orion Group Software Engineers
Stephen Russell - Can act as a Mentor for your conversion.
David Stevenson - specialty in web front ends on old apps
Redding Software Group - Building Foxpro applications since the original Foxpro for DOS
Anatoliy Mogylevets - I have vivid memories even of dBASE III
Ray Kirk - I have vivid memories of dBase II!
Dan LeClair - I have vivid memories of dBase II on CPM!
ItechSolutions - Based in Toronto, Canada, we have experience development Foxpro apps from Fox2.5 to VFP9. We have also performed a number of conversions from Btrieve to VFP, Access to VFP and DOS Fox to VFP.
Peter Diotte - I have done many Fox 2.x to VFP upgrades. Still own copies of dBase, Quicksilver, Clipper and Force
Mike Yearwood - Based in Toronto, Canada, Fox Ridge Software, Inc. still supports software in most versions of Foxpro. I've worked with some of the best gurus in the industry, from dBase II to Foxbase to Visual Foxpro.
William Fields - I follow the Micro Endeavors Inc methodology and use a modified MEI Framework.
Ronald Thorp - Have done and continue to do this for many people.
Peter Somers - I have experience in doing this and converting applications to run on the Web using VFP and West Wind.
AnovaSoftwareTechnologies - migrated several apps from 2.6 to vfp, heavy cruise industry experience
Jim Kearns - VELOCITYQUEST LLC (Velocity Quest)- One of our specialties is the conversion of dBase, Fox BASE, FoxPro DOS/Windows apps to VFP.
Gary Wynne - UK Based. Significant UK insurance industry experience with 2.6 to VFP using Codemine framework.
Mike Lewis - I have done three 2.x to VFP conversions, and also still feel comfortable (well, fairly comfortable) with dBASE, Clipper and Foxbase.
Ted Roche - I don't remember FoxBase, but I'm still supporting clients in 2.x and I've moved several of them to VFP.
Chaim Caron - Conversions from FP/2.x to VFP, also support; located in Manhattan, New York. Email:
Craig Berntson
Rainer Becker - it is a pity but conversion is still the majority of our revenues with projects from 5 thousand to 5 million...
Pj Fernandez - converted FoxPro 2.x (DOS, Mac, Unix, Windows) to VFP. At times created cross-generation applications where they function across platforms.
Gil Munk - FoxPro / DOS on up. I still have a CPM machine with dBase II on it; haven't turned it on for about 14 years though.
Dave Bernard - 13 years of FoxPro experience; also experience taking FPDOS and VFP to SQL Server and the web.
Rahul Desai - 14+ years of experience in Developing, mirgating, re-designing, re-engineering applications using FPDOS, FP Windows, Visual foxpro using multiple backend like Foxpro, SQL Server, Oracle Email:
Evan Pauley - Flexible Technologies Group LLC - Based in eastern Tennessee -- FoxPro and VFP specialists since 1990
Jean - Philippe Gaborieau - Wrote a accounting system in Fox 2.5, than a few years later, converted it in Visual Fox 6.0. Now working intensively with Visual Fox 8.0. e-mail:

Doron Farber - 25 years of Software Development and converted FoxPro 2.x to Visual FoxPro 9. Also converted desktop applications into web based applications. Check our report engine named: VisualRep.

Larysa Saranchova - 17 years of FoxPro experience. Calgary Canada e-mail:

SweetPotato Software - SPS has successfully migrated many legacy, FoxPro applications to Visual FoxPro. Complete rewrites are also an option.

Ron Darling Foxpro - VFP work of any size...

SIGP We converted a medical application from fp 2.5. We also converted from Clipper (those were the days...).

J.C.N. Associates, L.L.C./Alex E. Luyando - Based in New Jersey, J.C.N. Associates, L.L.C. supports all version of FoxBase and FoxPro (including FoxBase and FoxPro/Mac).
At OzFox 2003, Dave Bower presented sessions on converting FoxPro 2.6 to VFP 8.0+, where he demonstrated a converter program that he was developing. At the end of the conference he offered the converter as-is to the rest of the FoxPro community as repayment for all the free help he has received over the years. His presentation material and a zip file containing the source code and documentation for the converter are available on the Quids Technology web site. It is far from a trivial exercise even so. Please read the presentation and the documentation in the zip carefully. You may still need one of the above consultants to help you! However, we have successfully converted our programs and now develop only in VFP 8 (about which I am extremely happy!). We hope it helps everyone else as much as it has helped us! Please note that we do not generally provide consultant services in this space. Rob Spencer
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