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Monthly magazine devoted to FoxPro and Visual FoxPro. See Advisor Publications and
a.k.a. Advisor Guide to Microsoft Visual FoxPro ca. 2005
October 2007: Spotted this comment on their website after reading about it on Kevin Ragsdale's blog.
"ATTENTION SUBSCRIBERS: Your current subscription to Advisor Guide to Microsoft Visual FoxPro has been upgraded to DataBased Advisor -- at no charge. (This publication has been discontinued.) Sign-in now to get more than 10,000 articles, tips and downloads." (Emphasis added) More info at

Back to its roots. All things Fox used to be in DataBased Advisor before it got its own magazine. Carl Warner

It ain't just Fox. According to the 'more info' link, all of these separate magazines are being discontinued: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Professional Development, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, IBM Lotus Software, IBM WebSphere Software, IBM Workplace Software, Novell Group Wise, Business Collaboration, Corporate Compliance, E-Discovery, Law Technology. Ed Leafe

Comments on The Basics of Visual Basic -- FPA Jan 2000
Comments on Create Custom Events -- FPA Jan 2000
Comments on Scaling Visual FoxPro Data - FPA Aug 2000
Epinions entry:
The magazine sucks. Here in Australia, the newstand price is $A22.00 PER ISSUE. For What? about 30 pages of content with the rest as advertisements. It needs a total revamp with the emphasis on quality AND quantity and I'd pay the 22 bucks. -- Peter Easson

Isn't that about $11 USD? That's a lot of money! -- Alex Feldstein
It's actually more like $15.88 USD to be exact. The AUD$ hasn't sunk that low :) -- Jamie Osborn

Yes Alex, Now you know why I won't buy it in its present format! -- Peter Easson
The magazine is not so bad, and it should be appreciated at least for being one of a few FoxPro periodicals. Its price in Canada is about $10 CAD, may be a bit overpriced considering rather small number of pages. The Web part looks Ok, though they might do a better job attracting more visitors to their FoxPro Forum pages
-- Anatoliy Mogylevets

Truth be told, there's not a lot to write about Visual FoxPro. It has been out there so long, the best practices have been established, the workarounds published. There are very few new developer tools being written, most of what's out there in that market is just being maintained.

The most to write about VFP is when a new version comes out. But, even though there have been some great additions to VFP in the last few version, they don't change the fundemental best practices.

Also, if you go back over the last few years of VFP mags, the articles are repeats or updates of pervious topics.

I also think that the traditional Magazine medium is going away. With so much on the internet/web now adays, it's hard to come up with compelling articles or reviews that haven't already been discussed in a forum somewhere.

Finally, there are alot less people starting new projects with VFP then there used to be. You just don't need to know new concepts when you are only maintaining and existing product.

I guess my point is, there's not alot to write about, so how is the magazine supposed to print more, if they have nothing to print?

Perhaps instead of complaining, everyone should go write some articles or at least submitt some ideas to Fox Advisor... my quess is that they are hurting for them. -- Bob Archer
Exactly! Couldn't be said better.
There's no more paper. A one year subscription to Databased Advisor is $277US and it's only online.
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