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Framework Feature Chart

Namespace: VB
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This chart lists Frameworks across the top and Framework Features down the side. Each cell will contain a link to a page that describes how that feature IS USED in each framework. The links in the feature column will permit a discussion of the basic design of the feature.

Please use links as often as possible. That will keep the chart physically smaller in the browser.

Really important! Please mark new additions with the new macro (# N # without the spaces) for those who are following the evolution of this chart! Thanks! -- Mike Yearwood

Steven Black has made some simple graphics available for the chart! They are here: FoxWiki Images

See the key at bottom of the page for the list of frameworks.
Framework Feature Chart
Framework Sales Marketing Information
Framework Developer Tools
Framework Documentation Training Support
Framework End User Features
Improved Controls
Framework Data Access

CB CodeBook
CM Code Mine
CCB Com CodeBook
MM Mere Mortals
VFX Visual Extend
VFE Visual FoxExpress
VMP Visual Max Frame Professional
VPM Visual Pro Matrix (Enterprise)

Frameworks still to be added to the table:
Contributors: Mike Yearwood, wgcs, Alex Feldstein, Tony Miller, Zahid Ali, Ray Kirk, Vlad Grynchyshyn, Frank Camp, Ed Leafe, Hank Fay, Paul Mrozowski
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