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Its 3 a.m. and you're coding something using a framework. Suddenly, you find yourself unable to complete the task because of some unanticipated problem. That's when having some kind of online support conference can really be a life saver. The forums should provide archival searches of existing messages.

Are there any other reasons a support forum would sway a potential purchaser?

The Universal Thread may be a framework's sole only support forum. This seems to have pros and cons. Without a dedicated board, one may not receive specific assistance. I suggest that by posting on the UT, someone unfamiliar with your particular framework may post advice that is inapplicable. It may also seem that the framework vendor doesn't take their customers seriously enough. On the other hand, should a framework vendor's site experience technical difficulties, the UT and this Wiki are both usually accessible, so why both with a specific board?

You'll have to decide for yourself of course.
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