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The Microsoft Front Page 2000 Web site creation and management tool gives you everything you need to create and manage exactly the site you want, whether you're creating a personal Web page or a corporate Internet or intranet site.

Having used it for the last 3 years, my description is that Front Page is a clean and easy to use IDE for generating Web-sites for use on the Internet or an Intranet. I find the "form" designer extremely simple and elegant and the ability to edit the HTML directly essential.

Scott Kerfoot 12/21/1999 18:08
Question, does anyone know how to ask FP to open it's own browser when one chooses "preview in browser..." from the FILE menu? It keeps stealing my open browsers, and I find it annoying to have to press "back" to go back to whatever the browser was pointed to. - ?lc

what if you use the browser toolbar button rather than the file menu dialog? That seems to do it for me on NT4 (with multiple browsers loaded & listed in the file menu dialog though) -- Rox

Nope. Same thing. It swipes what ever instance of the browser I last opened. (NT4 SP5). Not sure what you mean by: (with multiple browsers loaded & listed in the file menu dialog though) - ?lc

on my machine I have two version of IE loaded plus two version of Netscrap loaded. So when I use the File Menu - Preview in Browser dialog I get to choose which particular browser I want to preview with. The toolbar preview button then launches whatever browser was last selected in that dialog. Seems now that I'm playing with it, the need to use Back button doesnt bite me as often as you is because I tend to surf with my IE5 and preview in FP with Netscrap via the toolbar button... so it launches a new browser for me everytime until I use the dialog to preview in IE5
Netscrap... Heh heh... sometimes I honestly think dealing with the vagaries of MSIE vs Netscape have had a measurable impact on the GNP. They have certainly had an impact on my development cycle.

Anyway, I have the same setup as you, but I periodically check with both browsers.

I'm also in the habit that if I want to preview in IE I do it manually without IDE dialog/toolbar button by launching the browser and pointing it to http://laverne/myweb where laverne is my machine name. -- Rox

Yes, I guess this is a good work-around habit. Of course I do this when testing the final app, but I'm using FP as a little "HMTL scratchpad" and independently pointing a browser at my work seems like an extra step. I still think it's rude of FP to clobber a previous browser instance. - ?lc
agreed... as was it rude of FP98 to auto-mangle HTML! -- Rox
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