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GenScrn X was a public domain GenScrn.Prg wrapper that allowed you to do wonderful things with the FoxPro2.X screen generator. Written by Ken Levy, GenScrn X is arguably the greatest tool/program ever written in FoxPro. VFP, with no screen generator, makes GenScrn X obsolete. But you can can still download the latest version of GenScrn X and a help file and the Tabs driver from my website at
I remember seeing a GenScrn X driver that create Y2K compliant date entry text boxes... I don't remember where I saw it. Has anyone seen it or used it? It certainly is an interesting way to solve the Y2K Problem for a 2.6 ap. How does GenScrn know if the field is a date field? (Answer: the data type is stored in one of the fields in the .SCX). If so, where can I find it? -- Bob Archer
This happens to be one of the very few articles available for download from the misers at Advisor Publications. The author is Christof Wollenhaupt. -- Steven Black

Steve, that but this is not what I am talking about. While Christof's code is incredibly good stuff, it doesn't allow you to override the rollover by entering the full four digit year. No, what I saw was a modification of GenScrn X that did something with date fields... I think it might have been in the UT file section, I'll have to look there.

Bob: Here's an approach I used. I apologize for lack of specificity--it's been a long time since I used 2.X and GenScrn X.
IF m.lxOldValue <> m.SchDate  && date edited
  IF YEAR( m.SchDate ) < 1930  && 1930 is app-level "rollover"
    * User probably entered 2-digit year.
    m.SchDate = GOMONTH( m.SchDate, 12 * 100) && Add 100 years.

If any user absolutely needs to enter a pre-1930 date, they can trick this procedure by entering, say, 1820 to get 1920. I would post the code, but it was all linked into a huge GSX driver program that was dependent on my 2.6 Frame Work data dictionary tables. I can provide more details if needed. -- Randy Pearson
See also GenMenu X and GenRepo X, both of which are still very useful in VFP.-- Steven Black
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