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George Tasker

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George Tasker is an MS Visual FoxPro MVP and a Universal Thread regular.

Articles, lectures, books written:
  • "Better Communication with the Program Manager", FoxPro Advisor, April, 1997
  • "Make Tasks Easier with Bit-Manipulation Functions", FoxPro Advisor, October, 1997
  • "Working with Data Across Wide Area Networks",FoxPro Advisor, May, 1998
  • "Use Windows to Create Windows", FoxPro Advisor, August, 1998
  • "Create Single Instance Applications", FoxPro Advisor, November, 1998
    George developed a FoxPro 2.x framework for Shaw Industries of Cargersville, GA, and has worked in 6502 Assembler, COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, FoxBASE+, FoxPro 2.x (DOS and Windows), and VFP.

    George is known for his puns.
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