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Getting Googled For The Tiobe Metrics Count

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How to make your website get Google'd by the Googlebot aka 'Getting Google-ized for Tiobe Metrics Count' William Sanders

Intro: Over the past two years the Tiobe Metrics have been coming out, listing and ranking the popularity of Programming Languages by how often entries can be found in Google, via a simple Google Count Technique. Specifically for VFP, the ranking has been moving upwards, from ranking 51st in December 2004 to ranking 20th this December. IMO, this is a great upward movement, and since the PHB's, that most independent contractors deal with, KNOW about the Tiobe Metrics, it will be a good thing for the VFP Community. I mentioned to Andy Kramek that it's always a good thing to get yourself Google-ised, and he flat out asked me, 'OK, How do I do that? '

So I thought I'd spend some time to answer his question, and hopefully share it out there with everyone else. For some of you, this will be stale info, for others, hopefully you've not seen it before and you can attend to your own personal google-isation plan in the immediate future.

Thing 1: If you take a look at you will notice, hopefully, one big thing: The count comes about because the Gogglebot scanned your website. Repeat for emphasis: The count comes about because the Gogglebot scanned your website.
The count is then broken down into 3 categories: 1) availability of skilled VFP engineers, 2) availability of VFP courses, 3) availability of VFP-based third party vendors, all found online.

Thing 2: If you fit into any of these categories, and you have an online presence of ANY KIND, you need to do things with your website to include the right meta tags and meta description for the googlebot and Tiobe to properly count and categorize. Take a look at your main file (html or php) - do you have anything for the meta tags or meta description area? NO ? Add Some! Here's a sample from http:/ :
[meta name="description" content=" offers VFP-based WebHosting for VFP Developers .">
[meta name="keywords" content="VFP Webhosting, Visual, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, WebHosting, Active FoxPro Pages, AFP, Active VFP, AVFP, West Wind Web Connect, WWWC">
[meta name="revisit-after" content="15 days">
[meta name="robots" content="index,follow">
[meta name="language" content="en-us">
[meta name="rating" content="General">
[meta name="resource-type" content="document">
[meta name="distribution" content="Global">
[meta name="copyright" content="Copyright 2004">
(replace the brackets above with LT, GT symbols when you edit yer own)

Please note that some dynamic data driven website portal software and frameworks SUCK at being scanned by the google bot and you absolutely have to do some manual things to get the right meta names set up. The most common way to make that happen is to include a header file in each of your dynamic html generation for output that has the right stuff in it.

Thing 3: If you have an online presence you should really think about when and how the bot crawlers (Google, MSN, Yahoo) are reviewing and scanning your websites. The fastest way IMO for the Gogglebot to find you is for you to post your website's URL in a public area, such as 1) the MS News NNTP Server ( with the News Account Setup, for example, with Outlook Express, 2) the message forum in Foxite 3) Profox Email Distribution List (scanned almost hourly by the Gogglebot) - see for messages and to signup to post.

Thing 4: Got a good website presence, all SEO'd, and Google-ized? Replicate it elsewhere !! Go to GeoCities and put up another site for FREE and replicate your content on GeoCities, then repost the new url using techniques in Thing 3.

Thing 5: You and your buddies all hang with VFP development? Post each others links on yer websites. This process is called linkto referencing and it actually increases your Google Rankings. I keep mine in a vfp links page over at (email me to if you want me to add u in).

Thing 6: Get yourself an account at Fox and post to it twice a month with news. Believe it or no, the googlebot actually checks there more often than other sites.

Thing 7: Put out a VFP-related training Video Session once a month with TerraFox Publishing (effacious self-plug here). We are compiling Video Training Segments for VFP and we're putting out material that can be found on Amazon and elsewhere WITH anISBN #. See for more info and a Video Content Author's kit.

Thing 8: Put your resume on line on Dice, YOUR WEBSITE and your FREE mirror websites, regardless if you are looking for work or not. List VFP in your skill set. It sounds like a simple thing, yes? This is one of the main 3 categories the Tiobe Metrics are counting, gleaned from what it can find with the Gogglebot.

Thing 9: Got a blog ? replicate it over at Tech Republic for Free! The Gogglebot Scans there as well. See here for the how.

Thing 10: Announce your VFP Course online, and give it at least once a semester at the local university in its extension classes in your area. If you do not have a VFP Course to teach, email me to 'GetMeVFPCourseWare at' and I will give you a 3 to 10 session class outline with powerpoint slides and codebase to use (just tell me what you're comfortable with from a session count standpoint) . If you do not know how to get IN to your local university and set up an extension course, email me to 'VFPExtensionCourseMarketing at' and I'll forward to you the steps I take to get in to the local university in your area. This is one of the major Tiobe Metric Count areas, as well.

Thing 11: Are you a Vendor of a 3rd Party Tool for VFP? Make SURE your web presence is google-ized! This is another major category for the Tiobe Metrics.

Thing 12: Check your website logs for the googlebot. Then review again what you are doing, and on what frequency, with Thing 3.

Thing 13: Make sure you remove any NOFOLLOW stuff on the meta ROBOTS section - some web page tools allow you to click that on, so it gets hard coded always. If the robots , IE Google and its ilk, can NOT find you, you are hosed. Here's a small example, edited so it can be shown.. LT meta name EQ "ROBOTS" content EQ"NOFOLLOW" GT. You have a NOFOLLOW in yer HTML code? REMOVE IT!

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