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Getting It Right The Second Time

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So you've got some sort of framework, commercial or home-grown.

In the frameworks build or buy discussion, something that's not mentioned is how difficult it is to extract what can -- and what's worth copying -- for use in the next project. What to replicate and carry forward, and what to leave behind, is certainly not obvious. Getting it right the second time is surprisingly difficult.

Getting it right the second (or third, or fourth) time has a lot to do with several factors:
Another issue worth mentioning is what can be updated, and what's worth updating, back into the original codebase from what's developed in the second, third, fourth application.
In this context, the "original elements" can be source code, functions or other micro or macro assemblies, documentation, metadata, or other identifyable elements of the development process.
Here are a few things that may help to repeatedly "get it right".
Contributors: Steven Black (who thinks there is a world of undiscovered process patterns here that point to critical modes of success or failure)
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