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Go Fish is a popular code search tool for Visual FoxPro

*** Update 2012-06-18 ***
Version 4.3.012 released on VFPx


Go Fish Version 4 (Released by Matt Slay as part of the VFPx project on Codeplex) is a major update to the original Go Fish. It has a totally new UI with a full Tree View, colorized code view window, post-search filtering, TimeStamp searching, and more. Screenshots and a short video are available at the following link to show the new features.

-- Prior Versions ---

Go (Original author: Peter Diotte) is a string search utility to find a string within fox project files, or a directory or a directory and all its subdirectories.

The user can then directly edit the string. The user can also do a "global" search and replace for a particular string.

Please read the Revision History below for other new features.

This utility will run as is in either VFP 6 or VFP 7.

This utility is compiled in VFP 6.0, and can be applied against VFP projects or Fox 2.x projects. Download is 33k.

You can download Go at:

Current version is 3.0. See below for enhancements. Version 2.8 was briefly shown at the Great Lakes Conference Tips / Tricks competition.

The link to Steven Black's site appears to be broken as of 2006 April 14. I have found a Go here however: where they say:
Go Fish App New Version! - This app was provided to us by Peter Diotte (thanks Peter).. You can search your project for text expressions as well as replace them. This is version 3.0

On my first use of the global replace feature (under VFP 7.0 in a side branch of my main app) I got this error:
Expression is invalid. Use a valid expression for DYNAMICFORECOLOR property.
and this error:
Expression is invalid. Use a valid expression for DYNAMICBACKCOLOR property.
a number of times.

Michael Reynolds also reported this below and said this problem did not reoccur. I will add more comments after testing the result of this first use. -- Peter Robinson

1.00 - 3/01/01 born - code named "Thong" - find the string....
- Park Ave Marketing firm suggests rename - "Go Fish"
1.01 - 4/01/01 added !deleted() to project record selection
1.02 - refined so properly picked up SPR files
- FINDTHIS() - would miss if string in same field in same
table - fixed
1.03 - Rid the edit1.value each time press GO FISH to avoid garbage
each time re-issue
1.04 - User suggestion to restore original search directory
1.05 - 7/21/01 - added ability to review *.h include files
1.06 - 7/22/01 - added VCX Parent Class to grid list
(only applies to vcx)
1.07 - 8/14/01 - changes per email from Don & Tammy Rapp
- Cancel/Exit button made auto via "Escape"
- widened where found column
- If a text file has occurrence, just show it once, and
note the occurrences
- sort by file type, then directory
(added field tempview.filetype)
- compile class vcx,scx, etc - see thisform.mrestore()
1.08 - fix so final sort start with grid on top row
1.09 - added default for ctrl+f to the string being searched
1.1 - refined ctrl+f, added objname, made "loser list" a drop down
1.10 - 8/27/01 more refinement/cosmetic and
differentiating between thisform.lis26
- fox2.x projects and vfp projects
- reduced use of yellow.
- allow tabs in the edit window
1.11 - Added ability to search HTM/HTML, ASP
- Plus, added HELP button
1.12 - 10/8/01 - sort the "aLosers" - list of files searched
without the string
1.13 - 11/8/01 - to register: send money to united way
or salvation army...
- fixed an issue with clicking on new DIR - ie reloading
the available projects
1.14 - 01/15/02 - use suggestion (Dan Elek)- FRX files -
dataenvironment code there
01/15/02 - when string not found, clear screen before
showing messagebox
1.16 - 01/29/02 - added in Finstr/Findtxt - ability to show
all lines that contain the string in the text file
- Made grid highlight, Made grid row height 20 and font now 9
- removed ability to resize main screen
2.00 - 3/5/02 - Ability to do a REPLACE
- ability to move around via Tab Key
- if pass projectname, it will default to it - if it's
available in the current directory
- DO with cProjectName (with or without .PJX at
end - AND in default directory)
- Added help (it's about time!)
- Added ability for user to allow blank replaces - checkbox
to select - saved to gofish.ini
- Added default to keep tempview.dbf open upon exit -
checkbox to select.
2.2 - 5/18/02 - Resizable form. Formerely, too large and fixed for
800x600 screens or less
- Auto-saves to gofish.ini user's last main form's location settings
- Auto-saves to gofish.ini user's grid column widths
- Print ability added - user chooses single item or all
- Ability to include subdirectories in non-project selection
- Bug fixed when root directory selected - was showing c:\\
- Bug fix correcting potential of not being visible
- Escape key supported to stop search
- Smaller footprint/exe from previous versions

2.4 - 9/14/02
- Added checkbox to exclude comment lines -
Lines in Fox files that start with * or NOTE
- Added searching *.INI files
- Added optional - Choose your own TXT files - format: *.xyz
I added this to search JAVA projects! - *.JAVA
This works with any ascii/text file type specified
- Auto compile PRG programs during a REPLACE operation
- Refined "All Items" report to only show lines containing
string for methods, properties and reserved areas
- Added summary report of list of files containing string
- Moved the wait window from upper left to mid right
- Added options of outputing to Preview, Print,
ASCII or Clipboard
- Fixed a bug in the subdirectory recurse routine so
it can handle directories with embedded spaces.
2.5 - 9/30/02
- Cosmetic color changes
- use getdir() versus cd ? - VFP7 was slow
2.6 - 10/24/02
- further refinement of the [x] Exclude Comment Lines in search
- test for Wait Window message >254 character -
will error out - happens with extremely lengthy
subdirectories paths searched!
2.8 - 11/15/02
- Pesky bug found under certain conditions and stamped out.
thanks Barbara
2.9 - 11/20/02
- Bug with selecting a directory with blank spaces fixed.
3.0 - 12/04/02
- Made the "Go Fish" button the default for
- Last looked up string is restored
- Last project name is retained if start directory is the same.

Feedback on this utility is welcomed. Peter Diotte

I think it's a very useful utility. A great addition to it would be global search and replace. - Michael Reynolds

Great!! You added global replace, and it works great! However, I think the second confirmation is unncecessary. Also, when I first tested the utility, I received repeated errors concerning dynamic foreground and background color properties, which has not occurred again. - Michael Reynolds

Great Utility. My personal setup of VFP7 includes GOFISH as a pull-down menu option. I use it that much. Before releases I like to search all files for SET STEP ON etc. To make sure all are out. - Darrell Parker

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