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A place to recommend books about COM
These books helped me get a good understanding of COM-- Steven Black
  • Box, Don (1998), Essential COM, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0201634465.
  • Box, Don (1998), Effective COM, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0201379686.
  • Grimes, Richard (1997), DCOM Programming, Wrox, ISBN 186100060X.
    These aren't COM books but they are excellent component design books.
  • Sametinger, Johannes (1997), Software Engineering With Reusable Components, Springer, ISBN 3540626956.
  • Szyperski, Clemens (1997), Component Software, Addison Wesley, Reading, MA, ISBN 0201178885.
    See also the articles on Rick Strahl 's website.
  • Pattison, Ted (1999), Programming Distributed Applications with COM and MS Visual Basic 6.0, MS Press, ISBN 1572319615.
    I know, I know, the title mentions "VB", but don't let that turn you off to one of the best COM books out there directed to non-C developers. Ted does a great and detailed job of explaining the workings of COM, and the VB perspective and examples translate nicely to VFP. -- John Tappero

    I agree. This is the best non-C COM book out there. The book is a bit dated on MTS and MSMQ issues, but the base COM section is very valid. -- Rick Strahl

    There's a new edition that covers COM+ that looks pretty good. -- Tom Larkin
    Craig Brockschmidt, "Inside OLE 2", The mother of all COM books
    Online at
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