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See the Edit link above? This is the essence of a wiki: contributions by members of the community, and peer-reviewed editing.

By clicking on the Edit links found on every page, you can help us make this site better. If you feel that your changes are significant and you want some of the blame/credit for the page, add your name to your edits, or add your name to the contributors section at the bottom of the page.

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Information in the Wiki is written in articles (called topics hereafter). A topic is information about a single idea and is stored in a single Wiki page. Topics are collected into Categories. The Road Map lists many of the catagories of topics available here. The Categories link in the menu bar (near Edit) shows all the categories available. To place a topic into a category, add that category's name to the topic's text.

Additionally, topics are placed into Name Spaces. This feature allows you to exclude areas of interest from your experience. To configure which name spaces you see, click any NameSpace link (located at the start of the second line of the page.) Volunteer Housekeepers have permission to change which name space each topic is under. Topics can only be in one name space.

Try it
Edit the Wiki SandBox, Scratch Pad, or Test Page provide a place to try out wiki-ness. Go there now, click edit and adding a note saying hello. Or add a reference and a page for yoursef in Recent Visitors. Go to Who Am I and type in your name. When you make changes, you'll be credited for them.

Look into Wiki Formatting Examples, Wiki Document Editing, Wiki Protocol and Searching Wiki

If you get lost, there is a "Home" link on the right in the yellow menu bar. Or click on the fox footprint.
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