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What looks to be an extensive and excellent website on everything DotNetOffsite link to

AFAIK, the site is actually operated by Microsoft. I think its supposed to complement MSDN (MSDN being the Reference Guide and GDN being the Users Guide). Thought that might be worth knowing. -- Mike Helland
That's correct: AFAIK it's a 'skunk works' effort, built with dot net, run by a bunch of MS people, ostensibly under the radar where stuff can be posted and revisioned without many of the constraints and bureaucracy behind the official MS and MSDN websites. It's a good idea.-- Steven Black.
Wanna see something cool?
Scary, actually.
Why? They are supposed to be our friends now according to GW. You'd be amazed at how many Russian Foxpro developers there are.
Interesting. None of the other Internet Domain Suffixes seem to work...-- Steven Black

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