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Got Focus

Namespace: VB
GotFocus is an event that fires when an object receives the focus, either by user action or programmatically.
Use the GotFocus event to specify actions to occur when an object receives the focus. For example, by attaching a Got Focus event to each control on a Form, you can guide a user by displaying brief instructions or status bar messages. You can also provide visual cues by enabling, disabling, or showing other controls that depend on the control that has the focus.

A control receives the focus by user action, such as a mouse click, or when the SetFocus() method is called in code. Note that you don't call Got Focus() to test whether the control just got the focus :-).

A form receives the focus only when the form has no controls or when all its controls are disabled or invisible.
An object can receive the focus only if its Enabled and Visible properties are set to .T. and it's When() returns .T.

The Got Focus event occurs after the Activate event for the controlís container.
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