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Great Lakes Great Database Workshop

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Great Lakes Great Database Workshop - Often associated with Whil Hentzen hence the references to Whil Fest

Round I: November, 1994. 305 attendees. JohnHosier (from the Mid-Atlantic Workshop) conned me into doing it. First public demonstration of a Fox beta by a non-Fox or non-Microsoft employee, mainly because the Fox PM at the time (long since gone) blew off a committment he made. Bitter? Aw, shucks, no... Hint: His name rhymed with "Sigler".-- Steven Black

Round II: November, 1995. 426 attendees. Jacci Adams and Tony Miller make their public debuts. The famous Steven Black Brewster Mcrooster (no link here, folks!) joke. Actually, yes: Brewster McRooster :-)-- Steven Black

Round III: March 1997. 240 attendees. Which idiot had the idea to move this show in March? Probably the same idiot that decided to have it in November again this year. For those of you coming from overseas that aren't familiar with the November weather in the upper midwest, bring shorts, sandals, suntan lotion, and you may even want to pack your own ice as Milwaukee often has a shortage of it as this time of year. -- Mike Feltman

Round IV: November, 2000. 5th - 8th! See for details.

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