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Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro 7
An Irreverent Look at How FoxPro Really Works
by Tamar Granor, Ted Roche, Doug Hennig and Della Martin with Steven Black
with a Foreword by Susan Graham, former Visual FoxPro Program Manager
Published by Hentzenwerke Publishing
Jeana Randell, Copy Editor
Length: 420 pages (7"x9")
(Note: Section 4 is only included in the CHM file.)
Price ($US): $69.95 ($59.95 for owners of Hack Fox 6 through 4/15/2002.)
Press date: March, 2002
Ever wanted to know what commands were added to VFP3/5/6, have existed forever, or are in there "just for dBASE compatability?" In the Hack Fox.CHM file, go to the table of contents and right-mouse click. Select "Customize..." and select only those versions you want to see. Open the chapter for "Visual FoxPro Reference" and only those applicable commands and functions will appear!
Because you didn't read the "How to Use This Help File" section in the "Front 'o The Book" - look for the "Just the Way You Want It" subsection. Yes, we explain how to use the Hacker's Guide in the Help File -- Ted Roche
Ever want to have access to BOTH the Hackers Guide AND MSDN at the same time? See Hack Fox In MSDN!
Anyone found the Easter Egg yet?
Go to the Search tab. Type 'magnet near Hentzen' Press Enter. Double-click on the grey bar that appears in the topic list.
If you found a Hackers Guide quote on the wiki useful, chances are it has saved you or your employer over $69 worth of time. Please show your support and appreciation by purchasing your own copy. Tamar and the others have donated plenty of time and knowledge to the developer community; It is only fair that they get a little back for their generosity. Get a copy. It will pay for itself faster than most other investments in your career. -- Carl Karsten
The Hackers Guide is the ultimate reference tome on Visual FoxPro. It not only covers every command, function, method, and property in VFP but it explains how they really work. A must have book for any serious VFP developer. (Be sure to have a hand truck available as this book is BIG)
Some folks have taken their copies to the copy shop and have them trimmed and bound with spiral bindings. -- Cindy Winegarden
Whenever I encounter a question of when some feature entered the language, I subject it to the "Hack Fox Test". If it wasn't in The Hackers Guide to VFP 3, then it wasn't in VFP 3! -- Ceil Silver
It's rare to find a computer book of this quality, with this wit (not to mention weight). A gem. No serious VFP programmer should be caught without it! And the companion help file is the best I have seen in its class, by far. Well done! -- Alex Feldstein
Hot tip: Use the Hackers Guide CHM file instead of your Visual FoxPro help!

or if not, just make a desktop shortcut to it so you can load it quickly and easily. -- Alex Feldstein
Here's another way to get at your CHM file and keep Foxpro help too.
** Setup Hacker's guide to Foxpro
DEFINE BAR 10 OF _msystem KEY Alt+F1 PROMPT "Hacker's Guide"
ON SELECTION BAR 10 OF _msystem RUN /n hh.exe ;
c:\program files\devstudio\vfp\tools\hacker's guide\hackfox.chm

-- Marty Smith

Excellent idea Marty! -- Alex Feldstein
This runs maximized. How do I make it come up "Normal Window?" -- Cindy Winegarden
Put a number 1 right after the /n. [e.g. /n1] That will open it the same size as it was last time it was closed. -- Marty Smith
Invaluable. I do a SET HELP TO HACKFOX.CHM in my startup program, as I learn a lot more about VFP from the Hackers Guide than I do from the VFP Help file! - Ed Leafe
Information for ordering from Europe or the UK can be found at the Hentzenweke web site

So when is Hack Fox v7 coming out?
Available as of 29-March-2002. For this edition, the printed book contains only the sequential chapters (Sections 1-3 and 5); the Reference section appears only in the CHM. This means that the book is no longer useful as a monitor stand.
There's also a discount available for buying the CHM only.
They trimmed the reference material out of the printed version. Now the book is reasonably sized and all the function write ups are in the help file. --TomCerul
Hacker's Guide™ to Visual FoxPro® 6.0
An Irreverent Look at How FoxPro Really Works
by Tamar Granor and Ted Roche with Steven Black
with a Foreword by Susan Graham, former Visual FoxPro Program Manager
Published by Hentzenwerke Publishing; Doug Hennig, Technical Editor; Jeana Randell, Copy Editor
ISBN 0965509362
Contributors: Ceil Silver Nancy Folsom Alex Feldstein Marty Smith Carl Karsten
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