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Milwaukee-based consulting, development, publishing, and conference-organizing company owned and operated by Whil Hentzen. See

[2004.02.09] I am completely frustrated at both finding and referring books on the Hentzenwerke website. This isn't a new problem, browsing books and buying books at has been a ridiculously buried procedure for years now. I may not know anything about publishing, but I do know a thing or two about shopping on the web, and about *trying* to refer people to HentzenWerke books. Anyone who gives home page prominence to Fox icons and rants and raves and, at the same time, subsumes thousands of hours of authoring labor, most of it by good friends, really has nobody to blame for dissapointing VFP book sales.

In the hopes that suasion from the community might be more effective than my numerous emails to Whil which have grow incresingly testy as they have been systematically ignored, see Suggestions For The Hentzenwerke Website.-- Steven Black

Thought this was kinda interesting... I was reading a news article on the new San Jose digital library. Thought I'd take a look. - - Clicked on "Computers and Technology" and was surprised to see 2 HentzenWerke e-books available at the top of the list. Looks like it was by sheer virtue of sorting. -- Randy Jean

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