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How Many Visual Pro Matrix Users ?

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I would like to know how many Visual Pro Matrix users there are. I know for a fact that there are about 1,200 Visual Max Frame users and they are growing rapidly.
Here's an email response by Max Goebel posted by CecilChampenois on the VMP newsgroups. Beware that the most of the claims below by Max Goebel should more than just tickle your bullshit meter. -- Steven Black

Hi Cecil,

Thank you for your interest in Visual Pro Matrix.

We've been selling a Pro Matrix framework since 1994. So, we probably have more users than most other framework vendors combined. We've sold over 10,000 copies of Pro Matrix in its various versions since 1994.

Our marketing focus is on professional FoxPro developers who need to create professional applications that work.

Around 50% of our users are located outside the U.S. FoxPro is very popular in Europe and S.E. Asia.

We have done little marketing to FoxPro user groups because our early marketing experience showed us that most user group members are not professionals, but rather tend to be hobbyists. That may vary from group to group, but generally we think it's true. Consequently, user group members generally have migrated to lower priced frameworks like Visual Maxframe that do not provide all the tools and features that Pro Matrix provides, and that's probably not a bad choice for most user group members.

The following links on the Pro Matrix Web will help you evaluate frameworks:

Briefly, the things that set Visual Pro Matrix apart from other frameworks are:
Features: no other framework provides all the tools and features that VPM provides.
Performance: VPM's performance is clearly superior.
Stability: VPM's stability is well known among VFP developers.
Support: One look at the Pro Matrix Newsgroups shows that no other framework provides as much support.
VPM Users: There are far more VFP developers using VPM than any other framework.
Among the frameworks that you are considering, Visual Pro Matrix is in a class way above Visual Maxframe. Visual Maxframe provides about 20% of the functionality of VPM. If you are looking for a framework that will help you quickly build complete, professional applications, Visual Maxframe isn't it.

In comparison, Visual Pro Matrix: Provides many more tools and features for your applications.
Is much more stable.
Provides much better performance.
Provides valuable add-on tools that you can purchase as needed, such as the Pro Matrix Multilingual Toolkit, Pro Matrix Source Control Kit, Pro Matrix Doc Kit, xCase2VPM and VPM2Foxfire.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can call 1-800-889-7058.

Max Goebel
ProMatrix Corporation
What kind of hobbyist uses VFP? What kind of hobby would he be pursuing?
Do you mean developers, or registered users. Since many copies of Max Frame are purchased by corporations for a particular project, I think you'll find that the number of programmers who are familiar with Max Frame is far greater than the number of registered copies on the market. And while we are at it, is the 10,000 number quoted by Pro Matrix including upgrades? Or are there 10,000 uniquely registered users/sites of various versions of the product. Could be a big difference.
The claim of 20% is ludicrous and I openly challenge Mr. Goebel to substantiate it. Especially in light of the features check-off spreadsheet found elsewhere on this site.
One last question:
Does VPM provide complete source code to the entire product?
Ray Kirk
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