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It seems that Idea Xchg is similar to a wiki, only with a more strict structure.
IdeaXchg is similar to wiki only in that it is a form of web-based information repository that supports open public discussion. The implementation of Idea Xchg is built entirely on Front Page 2000, and it can't hold a candle to the sophistication of wiki's more flexible VFP-based design. Nevertheless, Idea Xchg does address some practical limitations of the wiki model, as well as some basic philosophical differences. Although the Idea Xchg site is really not ready for prime time, I pressed it into service as an emergency measure to help deal with the Will Microsoft Market VFP poll. Thanks for taking it upon yourself to create this wiki page for my site, whoever you are. I'm not yet ready to promote Idea Xchg, but I guess it's not much of a secret any more. - mda
IdeaXchg Home

Idea Xchg is a collection of forums on topics of general
interest sponsored by SpaceTime Systems.

The Idea Xchg Forum contains help documentation and a discussion area devoted to the Idea Xchg system itself. This is where you'll find answers to questions about the design and use of Idea Xchg forums.

There is a Miscellaneous Forum for discussing diverse topics not covered elsewhere.  Feel free to use this forum for testing, or to suggest topics for additional forums.

SpaceTime Systems also maintains similarly organized public web
sites to support its Visual FoxPro Utilities (Idea Xchg Vfp Utils) and Montage viewer/editor/explorer products. Gardner and BOSS are private Idea Xchg web sites.
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