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Please take note: I didn't create this page, but Idea Xchg is my site. Also see my comments on the Idea Xchg page, which someone else (unbeknownst to me) put on wiki. I don't object, but I wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea. The only parts of Idea Xchg that I've deliberately announced to the general VFP community are those relating to my VFP error handling classes (ErrHandler) and the Will Microsoft Market VFP poll. Only the ErrHandler programs are currently available for downloading. Documentation of the other utilities is totally inadequate, and their programs are not yet available for downloading. - mda
IdeaXchg           VFPUtils

This is the support site for SpaceTime System's Visual FoxPro (VFP) Utilities.

These forums contain documentation and a discussion area relating to each specific application, subsystem, or topic. Every article and help page includes a direct link to a corresponding placeholder discussion thread, so you can immediately review and participate in the online discussion, as well as posting questions and messages about new topics.

These utilities include:
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