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This is a place to provide non-critical, constructive ideas on good ways to market VFP. Specifically, how Microsoft could market it.
Assume marketing will improve from where it existed for previous versions of VFP.

Two new ideas - along the lines of Brad Jones comment below:

Ad 1 from Craig Boyd: - FoxPro - Breakfast of Champion Developers

Ad 2 from Craig Boyd: - FoxPro Connecting....

This topic is NOT related to signing a letter asking Microsoft to better market VFP. This topic ASSUMES that Microsoft wants to market VFP in the best way possible and is looking for ideas on how.
Admittedly a rather generic idea but perhaps a series of commercials rebutting the rumors about VFP. For example, the rumor of VFP's impending (or is it that it's already dead ;-) ) demise... VFP is how old and still going strong? If Microsoft really wanted to kill it, they could have long ago. -- Brad Jones
Microsoft could send representatives (or consultants) to colleges that offer database programming courses, in order to do presentations or seminars on VFP. Microsoft could then offer VFP for free to colleges expressing interest in pursuing courses. -- Michael Reynolds

Great Idea! In the decade of 70, IBM, Burroughs (Unisys) and others used to "almost" donate mainframe computers to universities (they had very "friendly" price lists and financial conditions - at that time these computers costed from US$ 300,000 to US$ 1,000,000+ each!). Why? Just to have students (at graduate level, MSc and PHd, from all courses) getting into their "computing philosophy", that means: to get used to their OS, programming languages, database software, telecomm etc. I think that offering VFP for free to educational institutions will cost nothing to M$ (they could download it), and the result will be the same (if not better). - Fernando Alvares

There are flaws in this thinking. First, MS already offers heavily discounted products to schools and students. Second, placement statistics are extremely important to schools. It will be much easier for them to place someone who learned VB over VFP. -- Craig Berntson

That's correct, but I think what Michael Reynolds said is that if MS REALLY wants, that could be a way to market VFP (offer VFP for free AND promote it when making the offer - promoting, for me, means to say to someone that something is worth the investment to/of have/trust in it). If we take a look at all that is being done about this subject (VPF marketing) and don't try anything, the most logical thing is to kill VFP and stop complaining, because VB will always be the "rich" guy in the block, who deserves all, even to be for free. -- Fernando Alvares

Offering discounts is nice, but who will buy it if they don't know it's available? My idea is to get the word out more. VB is an acceptable standard for general Windows programming, but there are better tools for specific purposes. If those specific tools aren't known, the general one will be used. I live in Santa Barbara, CA, and there are a lot of educational opportunities here, including one of the biggest Adult Ed programs I've ever seen. However, whenever "database programming" is offered, Access is the chosen tool. I wish I had the time to teach some classes myself! If Microsoft made more effort to get FoxPro in the public eye, we might see the scales start to tip. Plus, if various industries can see the power of FoxPro, jobs can be created, allowing more placement opportunities for schools. -- Michael Reynolds
Document your successes on VFPSuccess Stories so that others can reference them. Concerning education, provide a non-commercial version of VFP free to educational and non-profit organizations. Michael Chean

Michael, I'm not sure where your paragraph would be more appropriate on the Wiki but I don't think it's here. This topic is for ideas we have to pass on to Microsoft for _them_ to (better) market VFP, not _us_. I suppose a better topic name would have been applicable. :-)
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