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Microsoft's Internet Information Server Setup in 2 steps. When you are done, click on this: http://localhost. You should see the IIS welcome screen. You may get a message that there is no home dir configured, but that is a different issue. If it is not installed, you should get HTTP 500 - Internal server error: The page cannot be displayed (it may be formated different)

step 1: Install - Control panel, Add/Remove Windows Components, Check Internet Information Server, Next, Insert win2k disk, ok, finish.

step 2 - start the server: control panel, Administrative Tools, Internet Information Services - hmnm it seams to be started? how did that happen?

Nt4 -

step1: Download Install Nt Option Pack 3 and install - check off IIS, go!

step 2: Start - (i forget - can someone fill this in.)
Win 98 (win 95 too?)
someone??? please.... Thanks.
At this point, it really is not worth the effort IMO. Get W2K, you'll save at least $100 worth of frustration in one week. - ?lc
How about a PWSSetup? this page is basically to get started for the WNL's that rely on IIS or PWS, like Using Web Connect (and the forthcomming Web Connect Setup ) - CFK
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