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A place for suggestions to improve the Wiki board.
See also Wiki Recent Improvements for what's done and Wiki Things To Do for what's been escalated beyond this and the Wiki Wish List. Note that Wiki Fixed Bugs is where some of these items may end up. There are also, unfortunately, Wiki Suggestions Rejected, but nonetheless please keep those ideas coming.

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A minor issue compared to other things that have been brought up here. As infrequently as it is used already, is it worth restricting Job Postings to exclude the feckless and worthless incompetents that are employment agencies? That would at least leave (1) recruiters from within the respective company (who therefore know what they're looking for), and (2) friend-of-a-friend listings (where the "person I know" knows what they're looking for). In the many months I've clocked up during my life in looking for a job, the single most consistent source of idiocy in my job hunting was agencies. (In the interests of disclosure, I am now gainfully and happily employed).

Thinking about this I'm of two minds. On one hand, yeah, definitely agree with you there. But, on the other hand, behind each agency query is probably a job to be filled, and I'm loath to dismiss all agencies like that. I've had many agencies contact me, very respectfully, seeking permission before posting jobs here. So I'm inclined to let things be, caveat emptor as always. -- Steven Black

IME, agency hires tend to be problematic. You pay the agency the "finder's fee", along with the required salary, from which the agency takes a (sometimes quite substantial) cut before passing it on to the placee. Then if you decide you want to take them on permanently, you have to keep paying the agency the same cut for as long as they keep working for you. If people are going to take the time to read the adverts here, they should at least have confidence that the quality is to the same high standard as the rest of the wiki, which at the very least means doing better than the only agency I ever actively withdrew my CV from - their MO was "Oh, we put a new job on the system and it does a keyword match against the CVs we've got." Ultimately, all an agency should do is act as a gatekeeper to filter out the sort of applicants that end up on TheDailyWTF's "Tales From The Interview", because quite frankly that's all they're good for. Only an opinion, of course.

Yeah, I know, and you're right. But dangling on the end of the string is a Fox developer, maybe a wiki reader, with a job or contract he otherwise would not have, and that makes it worthwhile.

What's up with the number at the very bottom of the page? Why's it there? -- Peter Crabtree

Which number? I don't see it. -- Steven Black

Google seems to index "Edit" pages of this wiki pretty often. I often find myself searching on some topic on Google and finding a link to this site, only to have it bring up an "Edit" page, causing me to have to search again. Adding this to would prevent that:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /wc.dll?Wiki~Edit~

Or an HTML META tag in "edit" pages would work, too, if there's something that a robot should be indexing which starts with /wc.dll?Wiki~Edit~, or if "Edit" is not always the first parameter:
< meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" >
I think this would really improve the "Googlability" of the wiki, unless of course, there's some obvious reason for allowing robots to index Edit pages which I'm not seeing. :) -- Peter Crabtree
I'd really love to see this wiki fall in line with other wikis and support some basic "wiki syntax", such as headers (== blah ==), bold/italic ('bold/italic'), lists (* list item) and so on (arguably, the "bold/italic" syntax was a bad idea, it may be better to leave < em > and < strong > for that.). It's not that I think allowing HTML is a bad thing, but it seems to me to be a lot easier to grok something like this:

== Example ==
; Definition list : list of definitions
; item : the item's definition
=== Sub example header ===
The problems are this:
# Problem X
# Problem Z

Hmmm... testing:


Definition list : list of definitions
item : the item's definition

Sub example header

The problems are this:
  1. Problem X
  2. Problem Z
... Yes! Looking good! Thank you Steve! :) -- Peter Crabtree

Than this:
< h2 >Example< /h2 >
< dl >
< dt > Definition list < /dt > < dd > list of definitions < /dd >
< dt > item < /dt > < dd > the item's definition < /dd >
< /dl >
< h3 > Sub Example Header < /h3 >
The problems are this:
< ol >
< li > Problem X < /li >
< li > Problem Z < /li >
< /ol >

See WhyDoesntWikiDoHtml
-- Peter Crabtree

Tiddly Wiki ( has some nice features along those lines. - Russ Swall

I've been considering doing exactly this for a long time now. I might. Soon. -- Steven Black

Well Steve? Get a wiki-syntax parser built in what I'm sure is your abundant spare time? :) -- Peter Crabtree
Category Available should only select topics from the People namespace -- Stuart Dunkeld
Category Available should only stay on for a short time. There are people listed who I know are full-time employees and are technically unavailable. -- Mike Yearwood
Include a directive so that a link to another page can be added to a code segment (inside the < pre > tags). That way I could do this...

and not have to include the code for Num 2 DWord. This would also ensure there was only one correct version of this function on the wiki. -- Mike Yearwood

This would also ensure there was only one correct version of this function on the wiki. How so? Also, the value of this would be questionable if it rendered the code samples un-pasteable - ?lc

I'm always breaking these code samples apart. I'm not going to insert the code samples into anything real without doing so. In this very example, I detected the broken/unoptimized version of the num2dword by breaking it out and it conflicted with an existing one. Likewise, if a poster were to reference num2dword it would show up as a link. The poster would then do the breaking out for me. I see your second point though, lc and have no easy solution for that one. -- Mike Yearwood
Shouldn't this page be merged with the Wiki Wish List?
GenDBCX - The line stat starts DBSetProp('V_CONTACT has a "long word" that doesn't get broken, so it makes the page very wide.
Not sure what to do about it. -- ?cfk
Maybe make a PNG image of it, add some text saying "this line is very long and causes annoying page formatting in the wiki so click here to see it." Is there anywhere on the server that images can be uploaded to? This is commonly called a "cut" on livejournal.

On VFP Version 10 Wish List You can easily see the problem with hash/page anchor names and the _contents macro. The page exists, but the macro looks for it including everything after the hash, and so it the macro puts an edit link instead of a simply link. Wait, it's not the _contents macro.. it's the very Wiki parser, since the same problem happens in standard wiki links.. making the sub-anchor reference useless on the wiki. ImprovingWiki#subanchor -- wgcs
Something goofy is happening in parsing #REDIRECT links. An example is on this page: _VfpWishListLocalData where the line should contain an off-site like to the UT followed by the on-site like to the Vfp Wish List, like this: "UniversalThread VfpWishList"
But after saving and displaying correctly once, subsequent displays look like this: "UniversalThreadOffsite link to VfpWishList" - wgcs
Something is making the Vfp Views page too wide. I have to scroll it left and right just to see the text, let alone the google adds. - ?cfk
It was just some really wide comments inside a < PRE > field... very normal - wgcs
When I hit "Edit", don't bother listing the currently 23k of Categories. It is adding to the time it takes the Edit page to load, and I don't think I have even looked at them for over a year. - cfk
I recommend changing the label "Change description:" to "Describe change:" or "Describe edit:". The current wording had me looking for a topic description that would be affected by what I typed in the text box. -- Tom Cerul
Done. How's it now?-- Steven Black
Much better. I suffered from the same confusion. -- Pamela Thalacker
It's good, I like what you did. -- Tom Cerul
It would be very very nice to have better "Category" parsing - for example, "Microsoft + Category + Killer" gets parsed as "Category + Killer". Also, "Category + Funny" gets parsed as "Category + Fun" as well as "Category + Funny".

Instead of a "$" search (which is what I'm guessing is done now), would it be possible to add a many-to-many table, and then do some smart parsing (parse for Space(1)+"Category", as well as Chr(13)+"Category" at each [Save], or would this put too much strain on the server? -- Peter Crabtree

Good points, Peter. Here's a workaround: Search the Google textbox with "CategoryFun" (including the quotes) and you'll get exactly that. Is this workable? -- Steven Black
iewiki.css imposes a 25% margin on (pre) blocks. This prevents the text from 'resizing' below the size of the code + 25%, which is anoying. It does look nicer when the page is very large, but overall I don't think it is a good idea. If there is a css way to get the background box be the size of the longest line, that would be grand.
pre {
 margin-right: 25%;

I am going to list topics I find that are hosed because of this: Sql Bench Marks

Also, the formatting got lost - see the "table" near the bottem of Remote Views
like the Category No Category, how about a Category Broken Links for refs to external URL's that nolonger exist. Also, it seems that pictures (img="images/observer.gif') get lost. I am guessing it is due to evolution of the ftp/image dirs? Anyway, some way of finding those. - cfk
Steve - While editting a topic a fair amount of time seems to be consumed by the generation of the Category Listing. How about replacing that content with a simple link that will open the listing in a new window. This way I can just use one instance of that data while housekeeping many topics. -- df
Find, DisplayFindResults 'page', the sm font class ends before the right parren < font class="sm" >(VFP< /font >) which is causing me to... um... write about it.- ?CFK
Fixed, thanks Carl. -- Steven Black
Steve I think I came up with a way around this. using the & meta character for the C in Category. ampersand#067; == C. Although this may suffer the same problem we have elsewhere in the Wiki where the next edit of the topic will blow away the meta character. -- ?df
Category parsing seems to need to be smarter. This becomes a new category: Test Category Test. This is important to avoid BloatCategories (ie: look in Category + Macros.. the only reason it exists is because there is a constant in Word Constants that happens to have Category + Macros in the middle of it... Same for Category + Scale in Excel Constants and Category + AutoText Category + Command Category + Disable Category + Font Category + Nil Category + Prefix Category + Style and Category + Symbol ). Does making sure that < CODE > tags are around these solve this problem?
[2001.04.22] Steve - I've tweaked the constants pages and the TopicsThatNeedR&D to see if some of the false positive categories get cleaned up but I've only been partially successful. The ~&mode=xml just won't seem to clear out. -- df
To make it easier for Volunteer Housekeepers to keep categories useful (and not too prolific), how about a tool to rename a category ? Something that would basically scan all topics and do a StrTran( topic, oldcategory, newcategory )?
One more note: If someone adds a # N # new tag and clicks "save", the little [New] shows up in Recent Changes. But if they then edit again to correct a mistake, the little [New] no longer appears in Recent Changes.
The [NEW] flag on a topic is not the same as a Fading New, which is found inside topics... The [NEW] in Recent Changes goes away after a topic is edited more than 3-days after it's creation. -- Steven Black
What happens if there exists a topic by the same name in two different transclusions and you click the link to move the topic into a namespace that already has a topic by that name? (I tried to test this with the Test Page and Wiki Sandbox but I couldn't get the preference to not resolve namespace references for the VB namespace to save so if I'd move the Test Page to the VB transclusion then refreshed Wiki Sandbox the link to Test Page was still there) - ?wgcs
What's the use case for doing this? :-)-- Steven Black
Something got lost here.... Perhaps I answered the wrong question: The use case for the name collisions between transclusions: If there is a topic (eg: Test Page) that exists in more than one transclusion (duplicate topics) but which really have very little different (or, have nothing different of any significance) then in the future someone changes one of them (corrects a mistake) but not the other: Now one is current and the other is not, even though they talk about the same thing. The reason for moving a topic from one namespace to another is to houseclean-- improve the organization of the wiki. eg: A housecleaner finds topic DosCommandPrompt in VFP wiki and realizes it belongs in softwareEng and wants to move it there, but there is already a topic by that name in softwareEng but it has less (or outdated) information in it. What happens if he simply clicks the link in the topic in VFP wiki to "move this topic to namespace: ... softwareEng". What Happens?
. . .
The following was my reason for tracking activity in the wiki (and in my mind, the main page and Recent Changes would, of course, be exempt from being listed in the most popular pages because they are of a different nature):
A vague and indeterminite one to be sure: Foster more of a sense of depth and activity in the wiki. So that even if not very much is changing, the wiki wouldn't look "dead" if many people are actually using it. It may get more people involved commenting in topics that are of interest to other people (because the other people actually searched for and read those topics). Right now, activity is only evident when people change things. Eg: If lots of people go to the Biz Talk topic and read it once, but don't have any thing to add, others who know more may perceive its popularity and conclude: 1) People are interested, let's write more OR 2) Nobodys asking questions, it must be complete as it is. I guess my perception of it is how newcomers don't realize how easy it is to change stuff on the wiki and might come here looking for information and not find it (perhaps a report of recent searches and # results on each would help here, too) and leave without knowing what a huge brainpower lurks in the many knowledgable people around here.
Eg: I believe the only reason the Recent Visitors page lives like it does is that newcomers see it in the Recent Changes and go there and add themselves, not realizing that Category People gives a more complete and useful list (provided everyone adds their own topic). Perhaps PopularPages or RecentlyVisitedPages would provide another catalyst for participation. - wgcs
It would be interesting to have a page hit counter somewhere on each page to know the popularity of each page... and maybe one page listing the top-n popular pages. (Of course the server would be smart enough not to increase the hit counter if it's the same IP viewing it again right after editing it...5 times in a row) - ?wgcs

It's really not very interesting since fifteen of the twenty most popular pages are the home topic and those starting with "Wiki", and things like Recent Changes...
Perhaps interesting (and useful for housekeepers) would be a little ditty like the following at the bottom of each page:
Signal (Value of Content)
Noise (Amount of Clutter)
In this way rough S/N ratios could be generated for each topic, serving as a guide for readers (who would go for the high S/N and writers/housekeepers who would focus on the low S/N). Of course there would be issues of "who get's to reset the totals when substantial revisions are made?" One possible solution: only use the last N ratings from unique IP's when calculating the score. - lc
How about a BusinessToBusiness Wiki ? Or perhaps even a Biz Talk Wiki ? -- MarkusEgger
First, feel free to develp the one single 2-link Biz Talk topic we have :-). Then, if it takes off, then sure. As for B2B, what about the other discussed in ECommerce Matrix? We could start by developing this node, and see if there's enough interest or material for a separate namespace or wiki.-- Steven Black
What about an Internet Wiki for internet technologies that aren't VFP-specific? (ie: Biz Talk, Xm L )-- ?wgcs
AGAIN, feel free to develp the one single 2-link Biz Talk topic we have :-). It was last edited 3 1/2 months ago. Then, if it takes off, then sure. A wiki can only be dedicated to what people want to talk about. In the case of Biz Talk, it seems that despite what Microsoft and some others would have us believe, nobody is using it, which explains why nobody is talking about it. I'll be happy to take the time to create a wiki for something people are interested in. But I can't do that for every other largely irrelavent Microsoft bandwagon that comes down the road. As for XML, that would be a bit like creating a wiki for the ASCII file format.-- Steven Black
How about a more extensive find? a handfull of fields with and/or/not check boxes or tell us what the field names are, and let us create our own Sql where clause. -- ?CFK
[2001.04.22] Carl - take a look at the topic Wiki Advanced Search -- df
The page edit collision message:
"Someone else has obtained an uncommitted Edit of this page within the past 5 minutes"
How about just calculate the time, display it, and let the user decide if it has been long enough to ignore it.
"Someone else has obtained an uncommitted Edit of this page within the past 2 days" - CFK
This goes on the list of things to include when you automate the Offline wiki generation :
Like the "Load the online version of this page" link, how about an "Edit the online version..."?
For extra credit, a warning if the offline version has become stale. -- ?CFK
Good idea, Carl. I love it.-- Steven Black
When editing, how about check boxes next to the listing of categories - check off the appropiate ones, and they will get appended to the end of the text - that way I don't have to worry about spelling them right. -- ?CFK

I just simply drag the mouse over the category name I want, ctrl-c, ctrl-v it. -- ?df

yea, but if you click on the link it takes you away from your edit, and even though you can hit 'back' there is still that moment of frusturation that detracs from my otherwise blissfull sense of well being and harmony witih the wiki ;)

This has been suggested before, by jMM I believe, and now that these category pages are calculated in a separate process I'm leaning towards implementing this sometime after the NOLA conference.... -- Steven Black

How about changing the hyperlink, so that when you click on the category name, instead of navigating to the category, it triggers Java Script that adds the category name to the end of the text in the edit box. -- Randy P
"The offline version is refreshed regularly, every two weeks or so. " - How about nightly? Then I could grab a copy to browse while I sit on planes, trains and mules. -- ?CFK
When the wiki becomes an income earner :-) It's work to generate, compile, and upload...-- Steven Black
Speaking of offline version, how about both a zip and a chm? I can do something else while the thing downloads and don't have to spend the time managing the zip file. of course I could have done quite a bit with zip files in the time it took to write this. -- ?CFK

.CHM files typically zip with 1% compression... Steven Black

No kidding - 2.8M for the zip, and 2.9M for the chm. So why bother zipping at all? -- ?CFK

Ah, if that's what you meant, why not just say so < gd&r >? It's an excellent point. It's just that most people don't know this, and see a 2.9 Mb .CHM and think, "That asshole, hasn't he ever heard of zipping big download files?" and that means I get one less free beer sometime in the future.-- Steven Black
It would be nice to have a "potential links" hotlink (similar to the reverse topic name lookup we already have) that provides a textsearch for all topics containing the current topic's name WITH the spaces in place.

Example: on the topic "Data Integrity" one would get a list of all topics with "Data Integrity" in them. Which would include for example, the topic Data Warehouse, which at this time has no direct link to Data Integrity, but probably should.

Better would be to produce a list of topics that have the spaced version of the topic name and NOT the Camel Caps version, thus allowing housekeepers to prioritize. - lc
It would be nice to have a Configuration issues namespace or wiki, aimed at OS and hardware issues.
That's what the WIN_COM_DNA namespace is used for. Does this do? A Transcluded Wiki can support up to 31 namespaces, and here we're using just 7.-- Steven Black
Improved sorting through a selection(s) in Namespace. For example: Namespace + Alphabetic Topic List. I want to subscribe to all namespaces and end up with a group by namespace for any page that generates a list.
A directive that would insert a URL to the previous version of a topic so that when a topic is refactored, the refactorer can leave a link to the original page they refactor. - jMM
How about a button at the bottom of each page that shows what email address are subscribed to the page.
IMO, this would make it too easy for the spammers... Suggestion: if your interested in who is following a page, why not start a "following this topic" section at the bottom (like the "contributors" section) for people to add their names if they wish - lc
Consider adding !-- to the list of tags the wiki automatically closes. Multi-line comments are nice, but I rarely see them in the wiki and the mess that an open comment tag makes is particularly nasty. -- ?lc
On the todo list! Thanks! -- Steven Black
How's about some kind of topic lookup on the editing page, maybe just a combobox box or list box that lists all of the topics. It's kind of a PITA if you want to include a topic in text and you don't know the exact name. Done. The nav bar now appears on the edit page, and you can shift+click many of the items there to get lists in a new window.-- Steven Black
When editing a page, a check box for subscribe. I keep forgetting to subscribe to something I have edited. -- CFK
Also, "subscribe' check boxes next to each entry on the find and categories page so I can subscribe to anything concerning ADO in one swoop. -- CFK
a new form of the new= tag: date in {date} format so that we humans know when to delete it. or make it "days relitive to the last change date" (that sounds like some fun programming). or make it go away automatically so I can stop fussing about it. -- CFK
Include the ability in Alphabetic Topic List to restrict the list to just that Wiki. Need: I was in VB wiki and wanted to see only the VB posts. Since less than 5% of the topics there are VB-specific, it was hard to quickly find just the VB topics. -- Randy P
You can do this now with a personal configuration. To do this, go to any topic and click the Namespace link in the topic header. Therein select the namespaces you want to see in alpha lists and recent changes for this wiki.-- Steven Black
If the user has a Cookie already (from subscribing, housekeeping, etc), then record the user ID in an Original Author field when they create a new topic. Then you can offer a special one-click query for "topics I originated". -- Randy P

Topic Annotations put a vale on the activity of a page. I think they should show up in recent changes and searches, but pull the annotated page into the list also. Of course there is a problem with that: full text search on every message for every annotation. How about if the key to the annotate page was a compound key that included the root page. That would solve another problem I see: two pages can link to the same page of annotations. adding in the root page would allow _Answer1 to be used for multiple pages of questions, as where now all of the answers would point to it. -- ?CFK

This would have some value, sure, but at the cost of drastically slowing down almost everything else by creating potentially nested hierarchical queries. Yech. Sorry, good basic idea but not realizable anytime soon.-- Steven Black
It would be useful if topics that have been fixed or edited, then saved without being added to the Recent Changes list, would still show up under a Category Search Result list with the most recent timestamp. For example, say I add a new topic on Monday. Tuesday comes along and a HouseKeeper cleans up my typos but doesnt include it in recent changes. The topic still shows up in Recent Changes with my original timestamp which is cool. But I would like to be able to pull up the category for that topic and see the most current timestamp listed there if that is possible. -- Rox
Fixed with Recent Changes X (note the X).-- Steven Black
Renaming a topic is a cut and paste pita. Could you implement a feature (a macro) that would allow us to rename a topic? A bonus feature would be to correct all links that point to that topic. -- Evan Delay
As I edit pages, I keep taking out expired NEW's. Can this be done by the parser? -- Carl Karsten
Alternate parallel suggestion: Allow the < NEW > tags of particularly good ones: Result is delete the < NEW >, and replace it with the [dd/MM/yy] date corresponding to the Julian number on the gem. Thoughts?-- Steven Black
I don't think the date is important. [New] is good for seeing what has been added sense the last time a topic was looked at. For the first time viewer, or reviewing later, I see no value.
Ability to see the most viewed wiki topics. -- Evan Delay
Stats coming. On Oct 12th we'll be exactly four months online. -- Steve
How about stats that are generated upon request by the user instead? - Evan Delay
I hear you, but the ratio of value to resources is low. I'll consider using a query server, another available machine, to maybe do this. Definitely not off the main wiki. It's like, yeah, let's develop the ability for potentially unlimited numbers of people to throw unknown numbers of 2 to 20-second queries at the wiki server. :-)-- Steven Black
Can you save All the edits an have an option to step through the evolution? -- CK
Thinking positively about this.-- Steven Black
Become a Hentzenwerke partner, a table ofisbn numbers that get redirected to Hentzenwerke, earn a few bucks. -- Carl Karsten
Is Whil a WikiPartner? {gd&r}. Seriously, yes, this we'll do for sure.-- Steven Black
Allow the letters i,s,b and n to be used without eating up the space(s) before and after them. -- Carl Karsten
Can the default to "Include page in Recent Changes list" be turned off, or cookie defined (if there is such a thing) to the last used setting? When I am in housekeeping mode, I don't want to have to keep turning it off. I'll bet that more housekeeping edits are done than new content. -- Carl Karsten
Good suggestion, and I can certainly see your point. I propose that we wait until after mail subscriptions are implemented. Moreover a refactored page has a good, but not certain probability of being improved by an edit. I like that a topic can't be changed without raising a change if you're not careful. I'm suggesting that, on balance, a careful editing mindframe tends to be manifest in a careful save. Thus I percieve that we're less prone to bo bos going undiscovered or otherwise unannointed. I'm guessing, of course; just instinct. :-)-- Steven Black
Out of curiosity, how about a statistics page showing number of saves with and without "Include page in Recent Changes list"? Also hits, edits, new topics, uptime, current cpu temperature, etc... For lots of fun, you could provide a parser directive that would tie into a table of expressions and eval() the current values. Then you would only be responsible for making sure that the table only contained safe expressions, and we could lay out our own stats page. If you need any other ways to slow the system down, I'm here to help. -- Carl Karsten

Agreed - It would be great to let people know the number of hits per minute/hour/day you are serving, the number of unique visitors, the average response time, the number of COM instances you have running, etc.... -- Michael Hogan
How about "added content" instead of "Include page in Recent Changes list"? Then "recent changes" can flag the "new content" verses "touched up" pages. I think authors want to be aware of edits, but the readers only want to see new content. This would also lend itself towards the pagewatch request. -- Carl Karsten
When editing a page, there is a list of categories at the bottom. I am guessing that they are there so that if we get tired of editing the page we are on, we can jump somewhere else quickly, or as a guide to possible categories to use in our submissions. If it is the later, how about dropping the a href tags, that way I can cut/paste them? Did you say that that list is dynamically generated each edit? -- Carl Karsten (i'm on a roll!)
I would be interested in seeing some articles written that sew together various WikiTopics. Articles on SoftwareEngineering, ProjectManagement, Testing, WebDevelopment, etc. Sometimes a collection of snippets does not gel into a coherent source for learning. Just a thought. -- Evan Delay
To achieve this, create a topic like SoftwareEngineeringRoadMap wherein you can list all the pertinent topics and categories, and thus "sew" things together in one central point. The advantage of this over plain categories is you can present things sequenced logically, even as a narrative.-- Steven Black
We may need a housekeeping procedure to allow two categories to be merged somehow. I was looking at Category Source Code Control and Category Configuration Management. I'm not sure we really need both. But more importantly, if you're looking at one, you don't know the other exists. And several topics that belong in the former are only in the latter. In some cases the list is long enough that it would be painful to accomplish this merger one topic at a time.
I've also noted similar categorization problems before in some of the Books categories and some others. This seems particularly problematic when one category actually is a sub-category of another. -- Randy Pearson
Just an idea that I don't even know will work, but how about a watch list of pages for each visitor? If there are particular pages that one is interested in they could be added to that persons watch list. On the welcome page, along with the recent changes page link there would be a My Watch List link.
Shortly you'll be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to page change notifications.-- Steven Black
Two other suggestions for users. If a topic is so great that all people should be drawn to it for the forseeable future, add Category Wiki Classics to the topic. And for topics of particular interest to you, create a Wiki Favorites folder in your browser and add these topics to it. -- Randy Pearson
The entry textboxes in the Find page do not have focus, so you must TAB or Mouse to it to setfocus.
Focus is easily done in code, within the FORM, this way (in Web Connect syntax):

response.sendln("< body onLoad='document.forms[0].Topicsearch.focus()' >" + CR)

(Spaces between "angle brackets" where inserted to fool the parser into displaying the code.)

-- Alex Feldstein
[08/04/99] using Vfe Auto Bar as an example, I would like to be able to put the different methods on different pages, but I don't want to clutter the wiki with lots of "child pages" that are really worthless with out starting at the parent page. If such a thing were done, then the next request is: a directive to make a page rendered as code: no header, footer, links, etc. perhaps come up with a .prg extension, so that you can use your browsers "file/save as", and the filename will already be set. -- Carl Karsten
In "Find" page, for the first text box (topic search), allow ANSI wild cards (i.e., use LIKE in your SQL) so you can find, for example, all Topics with "Wiki" anywhere in the topic name. Right now, you have to use full text search for this, which is slower and returns many unwanted records. -- Randy P
Wiki Plurals Problem
Wiki Protocol, and Document Mode versus Thread Mode
See if Microsoft will let you put VFP's documentation on the Wiki. Let us programmers build up the documentation (especially examples). (After that, would you do the samething for VB, ASP, IIS, etc.?) Gene Berger
The new category listing on the edit page is nice, but how about check boxes instead of bullets? -- jMM Good idea. I'll consider this one. It might be a lot of work on the Save side, but then again I've got plans for that area (like calculating Recent Changes upon save rather than upon each RC request like now) so I'll see about getting this one in too. -- Steve
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