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A place to discuss what might not belong here.
Graphic size limit? No.
There appears to be a limit on the size of graphic files that one tries to reference in a wiki page.... true? What is it? -- Marty Smith
No limit. Remember, though, that the wiki is coming at you through a 128k ISDN pipe, and that this wiki is one of 12 wikis currently running from Sometime in the next 45 days (before the end of 2000) we'll be moving to a much higher bandwidth...-- Steven Black
There are some alternative sites that can host the large graphics that are on the Wiki pages. -- ?df
I found out what the problem was. I was linking to a graphic on my web host's machine. It was throwing up a security error that said I can't link to a file from outside their domain. I'll turn it into a web page there and link to that instead. -- Marty Smith
Are there topics that don't belong on this Wiki?

If we don't have rules, then how about guidelines that we can agree to follow?


No rules. Intelligent, gentle, continuous peer review seems to work fine...-- Steven Black
Wiki Protocol seems to work. I feel the only thing that really doesn't belong here is stuff that could land me in Jail :-)

My personal preference is a general focus on software engineering and development issues, and disseminating technical knowledge. That's really why I'm here...-- Steven Black
Now that I have been playing here for a while, I find the Wiki medium to be extremely valuable due to its freedom and lack of controls. The idea that all visitors can contribute to a topic just boggles the mind with thoughts of a very effective knowledge base on VFP and the related topics. Jim BoothOffsite link to
Pretty awesome site, and a lot to learn here. I agree with jMM and Steven Black. -- Steve Wolfe
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