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Excellent installation program.

InstallShield has a very powerful scripting language, which is hobbled by some problems and inconsistencies. The scripting language borrows some of the constructions from C, such as strongly typed variables and semicolons at the end of each line.
It's implementation of code sharing is rather poor. Adding a file to the project makes a copy of the file which is saved in a Scripts directory off the main project direction. You can manually add files to the project by adding #include directives which have a hard coded reference to the file in question. The downside to this is you can't open the file within the text edit, unless there's an error in it.
InstallShield has a good number of upsides to it, as well. InstallShield Objects is probably the biggest feature added to the 6.0 release. These are precompiled sets of files and code. You can add an InstallShield object to a component, set a few properties, and have Access Database support, or BDE, or the MFC 6.0 runtime files or even set up an ODBC connection automatically. One of the features added in InstallShield 6.1 SE is the InstallShield Object Project. You can create an InstallShield Object which will act and feel just like any of the included InstallShield Objects.

The most popular support site for InstallShield is:
A combination offering of Installshield and a .NET obuscator is

I used to think that using Windows Installer was required for the "Windows Logo" certification of an application.
(which InstallShield creates packages for, but all of the free installers, of which I know, don't use at all)

However, this is from the AppSpec.doc document from :
"Microsoft highly recommends that you use the Windows Installer to install your application."
(also see )

So, it seems one could create a "Windows Logo" compliant program without using windows installer.
- ?wgcs

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